Pastured Pork

Purchase pasture and forest grazed, humanely raised pork and lamb direct from Solid Ground Farm. Online pork orders now available

We raise Tamworth crosses on pasture and in our orchards and forests. In addition to forage they eat: local, no-till corn, responsibly grown with cover crops, spent grains from Little Fish Brewing Company, non-gmo roasted soy beans, and hand harvested mulberry leaves.

-Purchase pork direct from the farm by the pound (10% off orders over $100. Inquire about drop off locations and delivery)

  • Currently available:
    • Salt and pepper ground pork in 1 lb tubes: $5/lb
    • Salt and pepper sausage in 1lb packs: $7/lb
    • Bratwurst: $7/lb
    • Uncured pork (all cuts except loin and belly): $5/lb
    • Pork chops and loin roasts: $6/lb
    • Tenderloin: $7/lb
    • Cured and smoked hams: $7.00
    • Pork belly/fresh side: $7/lb
    • Bacon: $8/lb
    • Bratwursts: $7/lb
    • Organ meat: $8/lb

Lamb available beginning in the fall of 2019

Order online here. Contact or 740-856-6299 for more information.