Solid Ground Farm

Solid Ground Farm is proud to announce the launch of Solid Ground School, a Reggio-inspired, nature-based primary school beginning in the fall of 2019. Read more at

We are now accepting pre-orders for our pasture raised pork. Check out the options here.

Solid Ground Farm Mission:

To develop, share, and celebrate sustainable solutions to home and community-scale food production, and to demonstrate that through creative natural resource management, the land, as always, is still the basis of our health and wealth.

Solid Ground Farm is a sustainable recreation and event center in SE Ohio, hosting youth outdoor adventure and education programs, sustainable living workshops, school field trips, farm tours, and sustainable agriculture internship programs. The 17 acre homestead farm is built and run using permaculture principles and natural farming methods, and is home to the regions largest and most diverse forest garden.

Situated on a steep ridge line, Solid Ground Farm specializes in soil conserving, hillside agriculture practices such as terrace agriculture, agroforestry, and holistic grazing. As worldwide populations and the need for nutritious food increases, farming steep and marginal land will become increasingly important. These sensitive areas must be cultivated with care and attention, and it is our mission to discover and promote effective strategies to meet the needs of a changing world.

Learn more by scheduling a tour or attending one of our events.