EL Resources

Welcome to the EL Resources Page! Below you will find navigational help, including description of what can be found on each page. On this site you will find answers to frequently asked questions, required EL forms, EL standards, professional development opportunities, tips and strategies for working with ELs, bilingual information that you can give to parents, and more!


The Tutorials page is a growing repository for the EL trainings that have been offered at various sites. it is also where required EL Professional Development will be posted.

SEI Resources

This page is a repository for teachers to gain information about how to work with and differentiate for ELs in their classroom. The resources here give best practices and ideas about working With English Learners.

EL Documents

The EL Documents page is where you will find all of the ILLP Required documents, the calendar that lists when these documents must be completed as well as links to all of the EL standards and proficiency indicators. Teachers will also find tips and answers to questions on how to complete the varias parts of an ILLP., including the guidance documents provided by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).

Resources for Parent Communication

This age gives teachers bilingual tools that can be sent to parents who do not speak english. These tool include instruction on logging in to Family Link, contact information for contacting the EL Coordinator at all sites, and information on how to access the Testing Resources page in both English and Spanish.