Work Experience Class 

San Marcos High School

Why should I sign up for work experience?

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Work  Experience is an educational program available to students who are working while in high school. Students who enroll and complete the course earn 3 Palomar College Units (which are transferable to CSU) AND 5 SMHS elective credits per semester. To earn credit in Work Experience, the student must  meet the following requirements:

1. Adhere to all due dates of assignments & attend orientation.  There will be an in-person orientation at SMHS a few weeks after the start of the semester.  I will reach out to give students the information once everyone is enrolled.

 2. With the cooperation of the job supervisor, accomplish measured progress toward predetermined learning objectives during the semester.

 3. Work a total of 225 (Paid) or 180 (non-paid) hours for the semester (average 15 hours/week). All paid time (including paid vacations, holidays, and overtime) may be included. Hours must be completed within the dates of the class. Students will submit a monthly report of time worked and progress made on 3 "Learning Objectives" established with their job supervisor at the beginning of the class.


During the semester, Mrs. Stout, the Work Experience Education instructor, will visit your place of business to discuss the program and the student's progress. The student-employee will receive a grade at the end of the semester based on the job supervisors evaluation of his/her performance in accomplishing the three "Learning Objectives".