STEM Racial Justice

NSF RAPID: Advancing Museum-Community Conversations that Intersect STEM and Racial Justice

What did we do?

The goal of this RAPID project was to better understand how an informal science education organization and its STEM and evaluation and research resources can partner with community groups and their expertise to support people's ability to understand, process, and work toward dismantling systemic racism. It took place from August 2020 through July 2021.

This purpose of this site is to share project documents and efforts, for use by others who might be interested in similar work. It was regularly updated through the course of the project and will be intermittently updated now that the project is done. Links on this page will take you to those project documents, some under revision and some final.

Welcome to our emerging work and thank you for any feedback.

We've shared about this project elsewhere.

Project PI Joanne Jones-Rizzi described this work at a AAAS session on February 5, 2021. A session description can be found here, and recordings from other sessions at that meeting are available.

Museum staff and community members shared resources during a webinar on May, 18, 2021. "Research With, Not On: Engaging in Authentic Collaboration with Communities" was hosted by the American Alliance of Museums. AAM members can access the recording here.

Project staff presented at the Collective Liberation virtual conference, and at the NSF DRK-12 PI meeting.

Slides for all sessions that used them are available here.

Initial engagement and organization

These documents were used in reaching out and inviting community members to join the project.

  • Why we reached out.

  • How we reached out.

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Facilitation: Learning to work together

Creating space to build a sense of community - foundation building

Project launch is a key moment to frame the work and invite full participation towards co-creation

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Activity development

Our collaborative approach

Resources for community members and museum staff to draw on

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Sharing research practices and responsibilities

Co-research & Meaning making

Our approach to IRB and to sharing responsibility for research

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Regional Project Group Space

Resources from community members and museum staff

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Slides from Presentations

Materials from our presentations

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This project is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation award # 2041924.


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