The Choir Program at Pendleton Heights Middle School is comprised of mixed seventh grade choir (Voices Unlimited), unisex seventh grade choir (Sweet Sensation), mixed eighth grade choir (New Direction), and unisex eighth grade choir (Pipers). In additional being a daily year long class and part of the middle school curriculum, the choirs are required to attend a minimum of three after school rehearsals and three after school performances.. The schedule for after school obligations is typically available prior to the beginning of the school year and can be found on the  middle school calendar page. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or celebrations. My office phone number is (765)778-2139 X5102. Email may be the best way of communicating. You can email me at I am available to connect with you when needed. You do not have to wait until conferences to touch base. 

Pipers (Honors Choir)

8th Grade

Voices Unlimited

7th Grade

New Direction

8th Grade

Sweet Sensation

7th Grade

Find Your Voice

Students who are shy can become confident. Students who are quiet can find bravery. Students who lack ability can have fun learning how to improve. We encourage all of our students to be good listeners, show respect to others, become more confident as singers, and find their voice.


               7th grade boys enjoy time together after watching the Ball State University Singers perform their annual preview show. 

 The choir department takes a few field trips each year. We enjoy attending the Ball State University Preview Show, doing community outreach activities, supporting our high school program at show competitions, and performing at the elementary schools for recruitment purposes. Effort is made to place these activities on the schedule at the beginning of the school year in August, but there may be times when events are added or dates are changed closer to the event. 


Although much is learned about vocal health, vocal technique, and producing quality vocal sound based on proper vowels, diction, and expression, many students may benefit from additional training. We recommend students and their parents contact Pendleton Music Academy for information regarding private voice lessons. for more information about voice lessons (and other music lessons)

         Choir Concerts are typically in September, December, & May.