Cast List

Thank you all for your patience during this difficult decision of the cast list. I am so pleased that we had 52 amazing 4th, 5th, & 6th graders come to auditions. The audition team has met and decided upon the cast list. If your child is not listed on the cast list then they were not chosen to be a part of this years' show. Please let them know they were all wonderful, but a cast of 52 is too many so cuts were made. I would have loved to have each and every student to be involved. I do not want them to be discouraged and to not come back for next years' auditions. I can talk to any of the students listed or not listed about the team's choices.

We did look for these specific things during the auditions:

  • Experience - even though this was not expected it does help us know if they have been through a show before.
  • Level of Preparation - there is a big difference between those who come prepared and those who do not.
  • Confidence - if you cannot sing and talk in front of 5 people it will be hard to perform in front of 100's.
  • Projection - again, you need a big confident voice (singing & speaking) to be in a musical.
  • Willingness - I had several students say they were only there because parents made them. I do not want to force anyone to be involved and that helps us know if they have the drive to be a part of the show.
  • Will take corrections - many were asked to speak or sing in a new way, read for a different character or just deliver a line differently. Some did well doing what was asked and others either did not want to (willingness) or were not able to (experience). If your child did not get the part they wanted it might have been because they did not follow what the audition team asked of them.
  • Grade level - If there was a choice to be made between 2 people we did go with the older student. 4th & 5th grades have other years to make the part and so we wanted 6th grade to get the opportunity before they leave and go to Middle School.
  • Talent - Last but definitely not LEAST we looked at raw talent. We listened to see if they could hit all notes, match pitches, and read with enthusiasm, diction and personality.

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Cast - PES Drama Club 2019

Between the Scenes Narrators: Seanna Nowlin, Lillien Faircloth, Maeve Cowger, & Serena Richardson

Loyal Subjects: (also see animals below): Savannah Clark, Kambri Lowe, Claire Carpenter, Meredith Nolan, Ella Brindley, Moriah Kupferer, Cadence Reeder, Leighton Hovermale, Abby Hall, Allie Ridenour, Cali Proffit, Maddy Pfister, Kylie FIlbrun, Jacoby Bradford

Fairy Chorus: Lilly Reynolds, Addie Aldredge, Lacey West, Avery Barbosa-Hayes, Olivia Jones, Izzy Barnes, Alayna Eichorn, Annabelle Kail

Maleficients Magnificent Minnions (AKA. the M & M’s) : Adrienne Anderson, Miranda Liebert, Mallory Webster, Riley Williams, Adah Hupfer, Chloe MacMillan, Sally Schellenberger, Maggie Lukens

Owls: Cali Proffit & Moriah Kupferer

Frogs: Maddy Pfister & Kylie Filbrun

Birds: Meredith Nolan & Cadence Reeder

Deer: Kambri Lowe, Savannah Clark & Jacoby Bradford

Squirrels: Claire Carpenter & Ella Brindley

Foxes: Leighton Hovermale, Abby Hall & Allie Ridenour

Queen Stephanie: Sydney Robinson

King Stephan: Benson Davis

King Hubert: Rylan Keesling

Flora: Brynnan Mort

Fauna: Claire Barton

Merryweather: Macey Parker

Maleficient: Raya Conway

Princess Aurora/Briar Rose: Alaina Cookston

Prince Phillip: Coleton Johnson