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It is important that we take care of ourselves and make the time to breathe and relax . . . take one day at a time. This page is designed to provide a one-stop location for information about Mental Health and Wellness for our parents and guardians.

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Mental Health Topic of the Month

~January: Mental Wellness~

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Mental Health & Wellness Monthly Newsletter

October - Anxiety

November - ADHD

Workshop Opportunities for Parents/Guardians

Workshop Opportunity #1 for Parents/Guardians

January 13th at 8:30 p.m. EST -Topic - QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Suicide Prevention Training

Click HERE to register for this event

Free Online CRAFT Training for Parents

Workshop Opportunity #2 for Parents/Guardian

CRAFT is a is a self-paced online video course that teaches parents, caregivers and concerned others skills and techniques needed to meet the risks of substance abuse and encouraging a young person to enter treatment. Parent CRAFT uses highly engaging video segments both for teaching and practicing skills. Each of the course's five sections build on the previous skills learned. The video portion of each section is less than one hour. Parents are encouraged to complete the sections over a period of several weeks and practice the skills before moving onto a new section.

Click HERE to Register

ParentsMental Wellness Media Room


These mini-webinars were created just for you by our staff!

Take a peek when you have 10 minutes or so.

Positive Mental Health & Wellness is Critical to Overall Well-Being!

Let's look at understanding what the words "Mental Health and Wellness" actually mean. Mental Health and Wellness is our emotional and psychological well-being. It is how we understand and manage our emotions in the world around us. With so much going on in the world right now, SMCPS wanted to connect with parents on this topic and provide some helpful resources and tools. Check them out below.

Stress Management

Our world has changed so much in the last two years. Many people feel stressed, overwhelmed and experience worries that just seem to not go away. Stress is normal and we all experience it! Stress can have a positive or negative impact on us. Sometimes, stress can get out of balance and we feel it to the point where it interferes with our life or daily activities. It can impact our education, our relationships with friends/family, and can even contribute to medical issues due to an imbalance of stress hormones. Take some time to learn about what stress, anxiety, and worry are and learn some strategies to help manage them. There is help and hope!

We know that many people are stressed right now . . .are you? Try using our SMCPS Calming Room below to help relax. Take a few minutes to explore and find what helps you calm!

Calming Room


Having healthy coping skills is the key to managing stressful or upsetting events in our lives. Can you identify the coping skills you have? Your students? Take a look at the image below to generate ideas. Click here for more information on helping students embrace their emotions. Click here to learn how to make stress relief part of your students' lives

Sometimes, parents can also feel overwhelmed and stressed. Click here to take a quick Behavioral Health Wellness Screening from the St. Mary's County Health Department that is designed to inquire about YOUR mood. It only takes a few minutes. YOU matter too!

Anxiety . . . When Worry Becomes Too Much


Do you wonder if your child worries too much? Are you curious about the signs of anxiety in children? Check out this video below or you can read the flyer to the left.

Mindfulness is a strategy that helps you slow down and focus on the here and now. It calms the brain and body to help manage stress and anxiety. Learn more by watching this video.

If you think your child is having difficulty with managing anxiety and you want to know what you can do to help, check out this link. It will help with some simple do's and don'ts. If you need additional support, please reach out to your School Counselor, School Psychologist, or School Social Worker.


Depression is often seen alongside anxiety. However, it can present independently. When Sadness persists, it can become Depression. Feeling sad is a natural reaction to situations that cause upset or pain. Depression is a longer-term mental illness that impairs daily functioning. Sadness typically goes away on its own where depression persists and becomes more chronic. Depression usually needs intervention and support.

Depression Awareness and Support is critical. How do you know if your student is depressed? Take a look at the videos below to help you understand the warning signs and when to seek help.

Suicide Prevention Awareness

We can't talk about Depression without talking about Suicide and Suicide Prevention. This section will take a look at when sadness becomes more serious and turns into depression that causes thoughts of self-harm. We will also take a deeper look into suicide prevention and awareness. We will review what it looks like, what it feels like, and where to go for help. There is HOPE! Explore below to learn more . . .

Sometimes, we realize that we, or someone we know may need more support and resources to manage their struggles. Below are some great options to help support mental health & wellness concerns.

There are numerous resources to help if you think your student may be depressed. Click here for a parent guide to teen depression. Click here for a child-parent resource kit. For urgent and emergency support, please see the supports below:

Call 911 in case of an emergency

Call 211, Option 1 (MD 211 Helpline)

Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) - National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Text 741-741 - Suicide Prevention Hotline

Call 1-833-MD-B-SAFE (1-833-632-7233)

For non-emergency student-based support, please contact your child's School Counselor, School Psychologist or School Social Worker.

Other Mental Health & Wellness Topics

Sometimes, people are diagnosed with mental health and behavioral health disorders. It is important to understand these diagnoses in ourselves and in our students. We have developed a Mental Health Media Room if you would like to learn more about different mental health conditions. The videos are short and you may find the information helpful for you, your family, or your students, etc.

Parents Mental Health Media Room

Substance Misuse & Abuse

Did you know that the St. Mary's County Health Department has developed a FREE online learning course for parents and guardians concerned about drug use in our community!

The course has the following 6 modules:

Understanding teen drug use and addiction

Prevention conversations (for children of all ages)

Preventing teen drug use: spot warning signs

What to do if you think your child is using drugs

Navigating treatment & recovery

Responding to overdose

Check this amazing resource out by clicking HERE

SMCPS also provides numerous links to vaping resources. Check out our SMCPS School Health Council's Vaping/Tobacco Free google site! Find it HERE

The St. Mary's County Health Department also has Behavioral Health Prevention Resources on their website. This includes information on some local initiatives such as Suicide Prevention, Opioid Misuse, Vaping Prevention, and Underage Drinking Prevention. Please check them out HERE.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention

This issue impacts everyone, not just teens. Parents, students, staff, and communities are all impacted. Together, we can raise awareness and provide support to our students and encourage healthy relationships. Check out the resources below for more information.

Healthy Relationships

The OneLove Foundation seeks to educate young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships. They seek to empower students to identify and avoid abuse and learn how to love better.

Check out their website HERE

Domestic Violence

The Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence seeks to support people impacted by domestic violence. If you need support or want more information Click HERE

Additional Resources

SMCPS School Health Council has put together a few resource links for parents & students. Topics include - Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Grief & Loss, ADHD, Autism, Bullying, and Substance Use. Click the link below or the picture to the left to access these resources.

SMCPS remains committed to providing you information on available community-based mental and behavioral health resources to assist during this time.

Emergency mental and behavioral health needs are best met by accessing community-based supports. If you feel you or someone you know may harm themselves or others, please use the following resources directly:

Call 911 in case of an emergency

Call 211, Option 1 (MD 211 Helpline)

Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) - National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Text 741-741 - Suicide Prevention Hotline

Call 1-833-MD-B-SAFE (1-833-632-7233)

For non-emergency mental and behavioral health needs, the following tele-health resource guide, developed by the St. Mary’s County Health Department, provides a list of available support in our community.

For non-emergency student-based support, please contact your child's School Counselor, School Psychologist or School Social Worker.

For additional Information or assistance, please contact Robin Schrader, LCSW-C, Mental Health Coordinator for SMCPS or 301-475-5511 x32240