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Garden Tours of Mereweather Estate and Arboretum Dunkeld

We offer guided tours of the garden and our private Arboretum to those of you who have an interest in trees of the world. We have one of the largest private collections of trees in Australia, there are representatives of all temperate trees that we can get to grow in our climate.

The first trees were planted in 1968 as shelter belts for the farm, which lead to the planting of a collection which started in 1973, the trees are mainly in about a 200 acre area with our fine wool sheep grazing under them. They are planted in two main areas, the Arbour of about 5 acres with smaller trees and large shrubs and the more delicate trees set in a mown park like setting with water feature. And the Oaks, Elms, Conifers, Pines etc are mainly planted further out in the paddocks and are now forming their own forest.

SEASONS. With such a range of trees growing and maturing it is a joy to watch the seasons go by, Autumn has an abundance of produce with many colourful berries and fruits, the leaves colours change by the day finishing with the oaks going the most wonderful yellows by May. Winter brings its own enjoyment with the barks exposed and bare branches showing the different forms trees grow in. Spring has its wonderful flush of green growth followed by blossom of every kind, Summer can be very harsh here and the trees provide wonderful shade for the stock and visitors alike.

We can also show you a very well maintained agro forestry program, mainly of Pinus Radiata, but with Cypress and Eucalypts as well. These trees are set on our 1400 acre property which is a working fine wool, prime lamb property.

TOURS. The tours are strictly by appointment only, and will not be conducted if it is a day of severe fire danger.

FEES. There is a cost of $25 per person. You need to wear solid walking shoes, as it is all in a grassed setting.

TREE SALES. There are a limited number of trees for sale mainly oaks, we are not a commercial nursery.

Bill has collected from all around the world and personally in China, most of the collection was put together before quarantine regulations were as harsh as they are now, all imported seed were inspected by customs. We have plants growing that you will not see anywhere else in Australia. Our Pinus collection was in place before the ban on importation of pine seed. This now makes our collection even more important in helping keep species alive in areas apart from their original areas. Some trees are now endangered in their natural habitat due to the pressure of human habitation, so we are doing are little bit towards keeping a bank of them alive and well at Mereweather.




Crataegus x grignonensis