Curriculum Adoption Review Process and Final Selections


This August San Leandro Unified School District launched the curriculum adoption process for TK-12 History/Social Science, TK-12 Science, 6-12 World Language. Teachers and administrators representing all of our grade bands and special programs across the district were recruited for participation on each adoption committee that will make recommendations to the board curriculum committee on October 21, 2020. Please see the timeline below for the scope and sequence of their work.

Our adoption committee members have worked tirelessly to select the best materials that align with state learning standards, support research-based, powerful instructional practices, and elevate the values and goals of our SLUSD graduate profile. While curriculum materials are one important piece of student learning the committee is well aware that no curriculum is perfect despite the claims of the publishers. All curriculum requires critical use (and sometimes selective use) and adaptions to meet the diverse needs of all our students. Please know that our adoption committee reviewed and piloted materials to make a recommendation for adoption while also creating a guide for what other work and considerations will need to take place alongside the adoption. For an adoption to be successful there must be ample professional development, teacher collaboration, community engagement with new curriculum, and a continuous lens and willingness to revise, adapt, and even create where the curriculum falls short.

The community was invited to review our pilot materials and leave feedback. We value the perspective and the committee used the input to inform their work.

Lastly, we thank these committee members for their dedication to this work as they are also navigating the terrain of distance teaching and learning. If you bump into an adoption committee member online, give them your thanks!


  • July 2020 Adoption committee formed consisting of a diverse group of teachers and administrators with subject matter expertise

  • August 2020 Adoption committee reviews standards, creates screening criteria and a lens for SLUSD and reviews state board adopted curriculum in order to narrow selections

  • August-October 2020 Curriculum materials are reviewed and piloted by adoption committee

  • September 29-October 15, 2020 Public and community review is conducted and analyzed

  • October 21, 2020 Board Curriculum Committee reviews adoption committee recommendations and makes a recommendation to the SLUSD Board of Education

  • October 27, 2020 Board of Education took action on the recommendation

  • November-December 2020 Curriculum and materials purchase

  • January-June 2021 Training and Professional Development for teachers, administrators and para educators

  • March 2021 Advanced Placement Mathematics adoption committee reviews standards, creates screening criteria, and begins to narrow selections.

  • April - May 2021 Advanced Placement Mathematics materials are reviewed and piloted by adoption committee.

  • May 2021 Public and community review is conducted.

Feedback and Questions

These forms below were used to provide feedback on instructional materials during pilot and review phase: