Show Schedule

We are live 24/7 here at KSLU. In the spaces in between, you'll find our Off-Air Playlist spinning a curated selection of all of our favorites.


  • Suns Up with DINO (12pm-1pm): Underground hip hop/rap music and rap/rock artists. We will also talk about rap music with guests, and talk about what popular artists are doing with their careers as well. Hosted by Daniel Breckenridge.
  • MK's Monday Moods (4pm-5pm): A mix of alternative, rock, and folk music, including some of my current favorite songs and new releases. A refreshing mix of music genres to pump up the listeners. Hosted by Mary Kate Dolan.
  • Office Hours (5pm-6pm): Join your local KSLU Music and Internal Promo Directors for an hour of breeze-shooting, Sixpence None the Richer, and general noise. Kiss me out of the bearded barley. Nightly, beside the green, green grass. Swing, swing, swing the spinning step. You’ll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress. Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight. Lead me out on the moonlit floor. Lift you open hand. Strike up the band, and make the fireflies dance silvermoon’s sparkling. So kiss me. Hosted by Brigid Dolan and Annie Bryan.
  • Nothing to be Mada 'Bout (8pm-9pm): The highlight of your day: doing nothing. Tune in when life is too just much and you need to mellow out to your favorite songs with me, Mada! Hosted by Mada Brielmaier.
  • Worst of Westminster (9pm-10pm): A genre bender that explores a different type of music each week with an emphasis on an appreciation of the music itself. This eclectic mix of music is to celebrate an art form that brings all cultures together. Join the Worst of as we delve into progenitors, cultural origins, derivative forms, subgenres, fusion genres, and discuss what the genre has become today. Hosted by Bryce Huges and Colton Nettleton.


  • Pre-Apocalypse (3pm-4pm): A show for music solely from 2012 and earlier. Hosted by Liv Gartlan.
  • The SLUsical (5pm-6pm): A unique show that discusses musical theatre and plays all show tunes, ranging from staples like Phantom of the Opera and Wicked to High School Musical and Dear Evan Hansen. Hosted by Hannah Scheckel.
  • Silk Sheets and Freaky Beats (6pm-7pm): Lots of r & b elements as well as many interesting beats with soulful singers. Hosted by Manisha Wohlford.
  • Listen Between the Lines (7pm-8pm): Description: Have you ever wondered what that one song is really all about? Listen Between The Lines has got you covered. Tune in to jam out and discuss the meaning behind the music. Hosted by Alex Bakken.
  • Everything You Never Asked For (8pm-9pm): Songs from my favorite artists, new songs I've discovered, and music I'm enjoying at the moment. Tune in to hear more! Hosted by Alexis Stogner.
  • The Daley Dose (9pm-10pm): A mixture of indie music and 60s music that you won't want to miss! Hosted by Barbara Daley.


  • The Hangover Cure (10am-11am): Hosted by Tom Bergan and Sarah Morrissey.
  • The Morning After Show (1pm-2pm): Clarifying thoughts of yesterday's melodrama. Hosted by Andrea Simms.
  • What Day Is It? (3pm-4pm): The show that will play you everything from alt-rock, punk-rock, post-punk, soft rap, indie rock, classic rock, an occasional twang of country, and anything in-between. While we might not be able to tell what day it is, because we don't know ourselves, we will bring you the mind-numbing music needed to get through whatever day it is. Hosted by Anna DeVenney.
  • Terrbear's Shuffle (5pm-6pm): Join Terrbear as he plays all the random music on his playlist. Hosted by Terry Clark.

Shows by Genre


MK's Monday Moods, Office Hours, The Stew, Lucidity, The Best You've Never Heard, Everything You've Never Asked For, The Daley Dose, Apples to Oranges, The Morning After Show, What Day is It?, The Sunday Slowdown, The Beats You Need, The Price you Pay for Being Indie

Hip Hop/Rap

Sun's Up with DINO, Power Hour With L and D, Self Made Radio


Silk Sheets and Freaky Beats, Soul Junction


+1 BPM, Synth Party


Don't Call Me Punk

Talk Radio

The F Word, Millenials Ruin Everything

Specialty Shows

Balkania, (MG)^2, The SLUsical, Faces for Radio, Pre-Apocalypse


Nothing To Be Mada 'Bout, Worst of Westminster, Terrbear's Shuffle, Suburban Crisis, The Hangover Cure, Listen Between the Lines,


  • Long Live Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch (8pm-9pm): Not what you'd expect. Hosted by Olivia Lindstrom.
  • The Stew (9pm-10pm): Recipe: Combine equal parts indie-alt,bluegrass, punk and rock. Let ingredients blend together for one hour a week. And enjoy! Hosted by Christine Maida.


  • Balkania (3pm-4pm): Let's take a trip to the Balkans! We're two Balkan DJ's playing the freshest beats from the Balkan region and beyond for an hour of non-stop groovin'. We can guarantee you'll be on your feet jammin' with us or your money back! Hosted by Samira Nukic & Valdeta Suljic
  • The Everything Bagel (4pm-5pm): Why limit your listening to just one genre? Like the many seasonings and flavors of the classic everything bagel, we'll explore music from current indie pop to your mom's favorite song from the '80s. Listen to "The Everything Bagel" and get your weekly schmear of great music! Hosted by Emma Potts.
  • (MG)^2 (5pm-6pm): Tune into some swanky sauce dished out by MG^2, a combination of two DJ's that play tunes exclusively from vinyl records. Hosted by Matthew Gottsacker and Matt Gannon.
  • Lucidity (6pm-7pm): A mix up of different genres, from oldies, light rock and alternative to hip hop and reggae. Tune in to gain clarity concerning song meanings and to gain a greater understanding of the musical world. Hosted by Joe Schwartz and Victoria Segovia.
  • Suburban Crisis (8pm-9pm): Description: A girl straight outta the suburbs and now living in a big city undergoes an identity crisis in college through her music. Depending on who she decides to be week to week, you might hear from instrumental to oldies to indie music and much more. Hosted by Erin Kahle.
  • The Best You've Never Heard (9pm-10pm): An eclectic mix of music that showcases hidden gems from little known and mainstream rock bands that will range from the 60's to present day music. This show offers many subcategories of rock, particularly alternative rock, as well as folk, acoustic, soul, and many more. Consider it your musical education. Hosted by Caleigh Horan.


  • The F Word (3pm-4pm): This radio program is about “the f word,” or intersectional feminism. Our topics will vary from gender identity to race to class to sexuality nationality to ethnic identity to disability to reproductive justice to anything else, and how they all interact. There are many problems in the world and we want to question them and have open and descriptive discussion about them. We will have guest speakers who can give us more insight into certain topics. We will play and talk about music that is relevant to our given subject. The F Word is a fun and informative radio show! Hosted by Meadow Konkol and Daschel Chavez
  • Apples to Oranges (4pm-5pm): Focusing on comparing topics and songs that one may not view as comparable. Finding commonalities between, well, uncommon things. Hosted by Elizabeth Cranstoun, Ellen Daniels, Mary Wilton, and Grace Wilmot.
  • +1 BPM (6pm-7pm): Listen for live-mixing of a different sub-genre of EDM every week. Hosted by Cameron Lee.
  • Power Hour with L and D (7pm-8pm): A broad range of music, remixes, covers, and lesser-known songs of established artists. Our focus will be playing and analyzing the lyrics non-mainstream rap and hip-hop songs. Hosted by Dennis Osafo and Lucas Pettingill.


  • Synth Party (2pm-3pm): Whether you’re looking for low, moody synth basses or poppy synth lines ready to punch your hangover in the face, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to the Synth Party! Hosted by Rakshya Devkota.
  • Soul Junction (3pm-4pm): Your one-stop shop for all of the latest and greatest jazz, funk, and soul... as well as some more obscure tracks that also fit under that category. Some shows will be free-form, others will have a specific theme, but it'll always be the best jazz and soul that I've been playing non-stop that week. Let's go on a musical road-trip! Hosted by Brendan Eckert.
  • Faces for Radio (4pm-5pm): Our show will take you on an audible road trip across America. Please join us each week as we showcase artists and songs from a different state! Hosted by Michela De Luca and Eva France.
  • The Sunday Slowdown (5pm-6pm): Chill music as you wind down your week and music to get you ready to take a new week. Hosted by Sophie Mueller.
  • The Beats You Need (6pm-7pm): Bringing listeners a great mix of Indie/Alternative music, but also feature a large arrange of different genres such as electronic, rap, rock and roll and from time to time some good throwbacks. So feel free to tune in, turn on, drop out, drop in, switch off, switch on, and explode! Hosted by Gabrielle Massman.
  • The Price You Pay for Being Indie (7pm-8pm): Hosted by Grace Styve.
  • Don't Call Me Punk (8pm-9pm): Exploring all of the angst that is punk rock, including sub-genres such as skate punk, ska punk, pop punk, and much more. Featuring female artists from these categories to emphasize their importance in the scene. Hosted by Ashleigh Montgomery and Jared Gill.
  • Millenials Ruin Everything (9pm-10pm): A talk show that discusses topics pertinent to the SLU community. From sexual health to systematic racism within the St. Louis area, we talk about everything relevant to the lives of SLU students. Hosted by Alexis Stogner and Rossana Sandoval.