Training Information

Are you interested in becoming a DJ for KSLU? Swag!!! We are always accepting applications. You can find all pertinent information about the training process in the letter from our Air Captain below:

What's Popping Prospective DJs!!

I am beyond excited to see that you are interested in becoming a DJ with KSLU! My name is Antonio Donohue, and I am KSLU’s Air Captain for the 2022-2023 academic year! I will be the one supervising your progress through the levels of training until you are prepared to go live.

The semester in which you begin your training will be designated training semester. During this time, you will become educated on the ins and outs of KSLU, meet some of our key players, and begin your own show (on a provisional basis). The training process has three steps you must complete before you can start your own show. First, you will complete a quiz over our background and policies, followed by an in-studio training session, and finally, complete 3 shadowing sessions with one of the wonderful DJs from our training committee. Before we begin, let me know a little bit about yourself! Here is a link to a short DJ application to get things started:


The policy quiz is an online exam via Google Docs that helps us ensure that you’ve read up on the training materials and will navigate the studio in the proper way. Below is the link for the Training Manual and a Google slides presentation summarizing the Training Manual to read over:

Training Manual:


After you’ve read over the material, take this Policy Quiz:


To complete your training session, shoot me an email at and we can set up a time that works for us!


This is simply three sessions of an hour of watching our current DJs while they are on air. You are required to shadow three (3) shows of DJs in the Training Committee. You are welcome to shadow one show for three weeks in a row, or coordinate with different DJs to shadow more than one show. You are welcome to shadow three Training Committee shows in one week, or space it out over the span of three weeks depending on what works best with you. Three shows must be shadowed and validated via selfie before shadowing is complete - text me your pics!

After you have completed 3 shadowing sessions, I must receive email confirmation that you have completed DJ training from the DJ(s) you have shadowed. From that point, I will reach out to you to coordinate a time for your new show! This is not the end of your training at KSLU, however. During your first semester as a DJ, you are required to serve on one of our Committees. As long as these requirements are completed, you will “graduate” from the KSLU training program and maintain status as a DJ within KSLU.


We have four committees to integrate prospective DJs into our operations at KSLU: Mobile DJ, Publication, and Music Committee.


Committee Chair: Mobile DJ Director

Committee members set-up audio equipment for KSLU and non-KSLU related events: weekly Rock the Clock events, recruitment events, other CSO and community events


Committee Chair: Publication Director

Committee members receive weekly emails from Publication Director, members encouraged to publish content periodically throughout the semester


Committee Chair: Music Director

Committee members attend weekly meetings to receive a few albums of their desired genre and talk about music, each member contributes to weekly CMJ Spotify playlist that is emailed to DJs


Committee Chair: Air Captain

Committee members offer their show time as a possible shadowing session for new DJ's. They give a small description, show day, and show time, and our new DJ's can choose to pop into your show to see what kind of magic you work.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have or redirect you to someone that can help you.

Swiggity Swag? Put it in the bag!!

Antonio Donohue

Air Captain