Irrational pi

Three point one four one five nine

Do you ever end?

The square root of five

Both irrational and real

Will never be whole

Rational siblings

One stops, the other repeats

Fractions are our friends

Ideal perfect square

Raised to the second power

Stumped by the square root

Like an engineer

We work hard and persevere

And make good choices

Demonstrate kindness

Challenge yourself and smile

Learn from your mistakes

Achieving world peace

Together in harmony

Live laugh love and lead

To build empathy

Follow their thinking, not yours

Be patient, listen

Beyond your approach

Behind the lens of others

Lies new connections

From first page to last

A series of lessons learned

An endless journey

Diligent reader

Think, imagine, and create

Let words come to life

Fantasy, fiction

A world molded by the mind

Rewritten in thoughts

Math math math math math

Mathy mathy mathy math

Mathy mathy fish

-by Sage T from 4th Period (2013-14)

Thank you Mr. Ou

For your amazing haiku

We miss you so much

-by Alyssa, Lily, and Justin (2013-14)