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Our vision is to nurture the God-given talents of our young people to be the best version of themselves.

June 2024

I hope you are all doing well.  Well what can I lot are amazing!  Full day visits went so well.  You are all a credit to your families and your primary schools!  We can't wait till you become a part of the Trinity family for good in August!

Remember to get your parents / carers to sign up to our X page (Twitter) @SL_TrinityHS as this is where we will give updates about school ties :)

Don't forget to check out the School Handbook on the Handbook & Newsletter Tab.

Our May newsletter is now in the Newsletter sectionIf you didn't manage to bring your ICT agreement back then you can hand it in at any point to our school office.

One more visit to your primary schools to go - this will be over the coming weeks so I will see you all then.

I hope you are all coming along to the Summer Transition.  Hope to see you all there.  

Have an amazing summer.  Stay Safe.

See you in August :)

Mrs McCulloch 

May 2024

I hope you are all doing well.  I am really looking forward to seeing you all on 29th and 30th May for your full day visits.  I have finished putting together the classes for session 2024/25 and hope to have these with your teachers very soon.  You will be in these classes during your full day visits.  

I have also updated the important information section with details of the full day visits and the uniform event on 30th May being held at Trinity.  This is a great opportunity to come along and purchase uniform items from Scotcrest, our uniform supplier.

We have ordered school ties for everyone too as a gift from us!  We hope that these will arrive before the end of the summer term. I will deliver these to our primary schools so that you have them for starting on your first day.  If they do not arrive on time then we will arrange dates during the summer when these can be picked up from our school office.  

Our next newsletter is nearly ready and will be ready for giving out during your visits.  We will also give you out your ICT user agreements during your visits on Day 1 and ask that you get these signed and return them on Day 2 so that we can get your ICT profiles up and running for you joining us in August.  

There will be lots happening over the two day visits and we hope you have lots of fun!  It will be a great opportunity for you to see what it is like to be part of the Trinity family! 

See you then :)

Mrs McCulloch 

March 2024

I hope you are all doing well.  It was lovely to meet you all again during your half day visit.

This update comes as we continue our Lenten journey together in preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection.  As we embark on almsgiving and   fasting we also use this time to reflect in prayer.  This links so well with our school values of Faith, Hope and Charity.  In Trinity High School we will continue to pray for each of you during this journey of faith and we look forward to celebrating new beginnings with the  risen Christ.

Over the last few months we have had lots of great things going on at Trinity.  S1 School of Netball continues for a second year.  Alastair Chisholm, the author of our whole school novel, has visited and provided workshops for pupils.  We have started an after-school Swimming Club and a number of pupils have participated in our learn to swim programme.  Our senior pupils have trained all of our S1 pupils in Heart Start which is life saving CPR.  There has been a Tri-School Basketball Festival.  We hosted an S1 reward event before Christmas with an inflatables day.  There have been numerous family learning sessions with pupils coming to school in the evening with their parents / carers to take part in some fun activities.  S1 danced the afternoon away, showing off their social dancing skills, at our annual Ceilidh.   In Technical, our S1 have been working in the woodwork rooms to make spaghetti measurers.  Paired Learning is ongoing with our S6 ambassadors supporting a number of S1 pupils with their Literacy and Numeracy skills.  We have started our very own origami lunch club.  The list goes on and on…..yet we are still planning for the rest of the year!

Our March newsletter is coming your way and it is dedicated to our subject departments.  Our current S1 pupils have spent some time writing about our subject areas to give you an idea of what you will involved in when you join us in August.  I really hope this allows you to find out about the different  subjects from a pupil point of view.

Any information about upcoming visits and the summer transition programme will be placed in the Important Information section.  I will deliver a copy of the March Newsletter to your schools soon and will place a copy in the Newsletters section.  Please take some time to read these over.  I really hope that all of you can make it along to our summer transition programme.  This is a great way to meet new people whilst getting involved in some really fun activities. 

 We will hopefully be able to make another visit to your schools to meet you again soon and also to speak with your teachers to get to know more about you to help make your transition as easy as possible for you.


I really hope you are all looking forward to your full day visits.  You will receive a  letter giving you all the details that you need.  During your full day visits you will follow a timetable and will be placed in your classes that you will be in when you come in August.  All information about timetables and classes will be given to you before your full day visits.  

Wishing you all a very Blessed Easter.

Mrs McCulloch


Trinity Times - March 2024

Our pupils have been working hard on our very own school newspaper - The Trinity Times.  

This is the second edition. Why not give it a read... 

December 2023


I hope you are all well and looking forward to the December visits when I will be coming along to see you in your classrooms.


Can you believe it is nearly Christmas already?  It shows how fast time flies when you are having fun!  Before we know it, you will all be coming to Trinity for your half day and full day visits.  Over the past few months there has been lots and lots of things going on at Trinity and we thought it would be good to tell you all about some of them so we have put together our first newsletter of the year for you.  This will give you an idea of the things our pupils get involved in and hopefully get you looking forward to taking part in these activities too.  A paper copy will be sent out to your schools and you will also find a digital copy in the Newsletter section.


With Christmas so close I thought it was important to mention the Liturgical Life of our school, as it is so important to who we are as a community.  So far this year, our young people have experienced a four week visit from Net Ministries who provided lots of fun opportunities for them to explore their faith.  Red Wednesday was a whole school fundraising event for Aid to the Church in Need and our local food bank.  We held a Day of Reconciliation which supported our young people to take part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation with local parish priests, reflecting and moving forward in hope.  Visits to the Ozanam Centre have allowed our pupils to support those who are homeless in our communities. Pupils have been supporting young people in Rutherglen High School.  Pupils have also been delivering parish Christmas cards within the community and our advent foodbank appeal has seen our young people donating to our local food banks.  This year we welcome Fr. Stephen Reilly who has joined us from St. Mark’s & St Anthony’s as Asst. School Chaplain.  We truly try our best to live out our School Values of Faith, Hope and Charity in all that we do and hope that you will join us when you become part of our Trinity family!


Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful and Holy Christmas

Mrs McCulloch

October 2023

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well.

It has been really lovely meeting with you all for our evening information session in October.  It won't be long until you join us at Trinity High School as S1 pupils and we are looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better over the coming months.

We know that you and your family may be anxious at this time as transition from primary school to secondary school can seem very daunting but please be assured that it is completely normal to feel a bit anxious about this.  As we move through the year we will have lots of opportunities to get involved together with different experiences and activities that will help to support your move to Trinity High School.  

We hope to take part in activities both at your primary school and with us at Trinity.  As well as half day and full day visits you will also have the opportunity to get involved in other experiences with specific departments in our school.  We are also very lucky as we will be able to come and visit your primary schools to meet with you and get to know you all a bit better.  

Over the coming months, our plan is to share important information with you via our ‘P7 Zone’. When there is a new item uploaded to the ‘P7 Zone’ this page will be updated.

For now please take some time to:

Please also take the opportunity to look through our school website where you will find an abundance of information.

At Trinity High School, we truly believe we are stronger together. So together we will help you to make a smooth transition from primary school to Trinity High School.

Try to use the Primary 7 Zone regularly as this is where we will post updates as well as items such as our P7 newsletters.

Look out for our next update coming soon!

Take Care

Mrs McCulloch

Depute Head Teacher for S1 Transition