Did You Know?

-Every 30 minutes of daily screen use increased risk of expressive speech delay in children 6 months-2 years by 50%. (Birken, 2017)

-Kids 8+years old now spend more time on mobile screens (48 minutes) than they do reading or listening to stories. (Howard, 2017)

-The 6-year-old child typically has a 2,600 word expressive vocabulary (words he or she says), and a receptive vocabulary (words he or she understands) of 20,000–24,000 words. (asha.org)

-Some SLPs have the letters CCC-SLP after their signatures. These letters stand for Certificate of Clinical Competence, a nationally recognized credential; they signify that an SLP has completed extensive training and preparation, including undergoing a rigorous academic program and supervised clinical experience, passing a national exam and completing an internship.