Program of Studies

2024-2025 | South Kingstown High School

The Rebel Preamble

The South Kingstown Rebels develop skills for success and resilience to rise against obstacles. They will triumph in the face of challenges as they meet the expectations of a graduate.

7Cs of success

Students who earn a diploma from South Kingstown High School participate in the Rhode Island Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education Graduation by Proficiency Diploma System. In order to earn a diploma and graduate from South Kingstown High School, students are required to show proficiency through earning 24 credits and an approved proficiency based demonstration of learning. 

SK graduates conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information that is read, observed, or gathered from or by experience, reflection, reasoning, or, communication, as a guide to a belief, understanding, or action.

SK graduates use their imagination to create original ideas, turn those ideas into reality, and explore alternate perspectives.

SK graduates demonstrate honesty, integrity, responsibility and courage. They strive for continuous personal growth by practicing self-discipline, reflection, and loyalty. 

SK graduates participate effectively in a variety of speaking, listening, and writing opportunities.

SK graduates work with others effectively and respectfully, contributing to a desirable, shared outcome from a collaborative effort. 

SK graduates engage in school and community activities and take on civic responsibilities

SK graduates, with in-depth, varied content knowledge, are ready for postsecondary education and opportunities across industries, disciplines, and careers.