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Resources for Families:

WIDA Access

What is WIDA ACCESS? ACCESS is an English Language proficiency assessment taken annually by English Learners in Rhode Island Public Schools.

¡Colorín Colorado!

¡Colorín Colorado!: Educational bilingual parent resources that offer tips on helping your child to learn to read, succeed in school, and learn a new language.  Also available is information about the U.S. school system and ideas on how to build a relationship with your child’s teacher and school. 

SKSD Translated Free Reduced Lunch Forms

For free and reduced lunch forms in 49 Languages click here


Adult Education:

GED, Adult Basic Education, National External Diploma & English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are all available.  Click Here!

Workforce Training:

A variety of paid workforce trainings are available as well.  

Contact us to move forward today. Explore More-click here!

Wide Variety of Courses:

Whether you're looking for computer training, hospitality, aquaculture, or captains license training, we can help. 

All of our courses are designed to make sure you leave with relevant skills.

Highly Qualified Educators

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. 

Our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their courses with individualized lessons.


Our Vision:  

The vision of the Multilingual Learner (MLL) program in the South Kingstown School Department is dedicated to meeting the linguistic, cultural, and educational needs of multicultural and multilingual students and families.  We are dedicated to empowering Multilingual Learners to master social and academic English; achieve academic success;  accomplish personal goals focused on college and career readiness; and navigate diverse local and global communities.  We foster a supportive, inclusive environment that affirms and respects students’ cultural richness and linguistic assets. 

What We Do:

Multilingual Specialists work with multilingual learners (MLLs) in their content area classes to make content accessible while students are acquiring and building academic and social English language proficiency.  Specialists provide research-validated, systematic, explicit, and sustained language instruction to MLLs, designed specifically to develop social, instructional, and academic language within the four language domains (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) in conjunction with subject matter content (language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies).  Language-focused lessons aligned to the WIDA English Language Development Standards and grade level core-content standards enable MLL students to become successful individuals in the mainstream classroom, overall school environment, and community at large. 

Who We Are:

Jesse Barber

MLL Specialist

Middle School 

(Curtis Corner)

Michelle Manning

MLL Specialist

Elementary Schools

(Matunuck, Peace Dale, & 

West Kingston)

Andrea Gardiner

MLL Specialist

Middle School


Karina O'Halloran

MLL Specialist

Elementary Schools

(Matunuck, Peace Dale, & 

West Kingston)