Seal of Biliteracy!

Awesome News!

Tanti Auguri! Félicitacions! ¡Felicidades!

17 SKHS Italian, French and Spanish students that took the Avant language test this year scored so well that they are first SKHS students to obtain the RI Seal of Biliteracy on their SKHS diplomas!!

They are the first students in the history of SKHS to take this test​​!!!

Most of the students listed below were present for the photo.


Joellyn Speredelozzi

Lily Rosa

Luke Bizer

Mitchell Sroka

Abraham Chango

Oscar Rivas

John Santini

Aris Sawyer


Tim Burnap

Natalie Kimmerlein

Jack Vetter


Jaqueline Lindstrom

Devin Lloyd

Catherine Rekos

Cristian Rodriguez-Gervais

Samantha Tyrrell

Jillian Wilson