Our Languages

Our Languages


We offer three languages at SKHS…FRENCH, ITALIAN, and SPANISH!

National Honor Societies

Students of French, Italian and Spanish are invited to join national honor societies based on their achievement and interest in their language. Every May, we are proud to honor the students in their second year of the language that have maintained success in the language by inducting them into the Société Honoraire de Français, the Società Onoraria Italica, and the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. Students in the upper levels are also honored as they renew their honorable membership every year until graduation.

College Credit Opportunities

Students of Italian and Spanish are offered college credit through either the Rhode Island College Early Enrollment Program (4 college credit through EEP) or the College Board Advanced Placement (AP Central) programs that we offer here at SKHS in the fourth year of study.

Students of French are able to partake in the College Board Advanced Placement program at the fourth year as well.


In the language department we have 6 teachers and many speak multiple languages! It is phenomenal to have teachers who are excited about world languages enough to study two or more! They embrace language and culture education to the fullest by sharing their personal knowledge of the language and all of their experiences abroad.

National Exam Contests:

Every year our students participate in the National Exam Contests in French, Italian and Spanish. Our results have been fantastic! It is a great event for students to include on their college resumes, not to mention that they might just place state-wide or even nation-wide as our students usually do! We’ve had students place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the state of RI and even in the whole country!

Our Clubs:

Our French, Italian and Spanish Clubs are huge successes here at SKHS. The students take part in organizing and planning events to celebrate their countries’ cultures. We celebrate the music, food, holidays, films, and products of Italy, and French and Spanish-speaking countries. We encourage all students to celebrate with us, whether they study the language or not!

Trips to France, Italy and Spain:

Our students have gone abroad to Italy, France, and Spain where their classrooms came to life! They get to see all that is presented to them in class and actually get to use the language that they’ve chosen to study here at SKHS with natives!

Italy, April 2019

France 2016

Spain 2012

Italy 2011

France 2010

Italy (and Spain) 2009

Italy 2006