Data Use Self-Assessment (DUSA)

What is the Data Use Self-Assessment (DUSA)?

Created by educators, for educators, the Data Use Self-Assessment includes four components that are essential to strong data cultures: Systems, Knowledge, Practices, and Leadership.

The Data Use Self-Assessment and companion resources are valuable resources when working with schools and school districts to improve data quality, create accessible and integrated data systems, develop new data practices, and set the stage for collaborative and productive data conversations.

The Data Use Self-Assessment is highly flexible and adaptable to fit your unique set of circumstances and your local context. The self-assessment can be used in its entirety or you can pick and choose which sections are most applicable to the challenges your team is facing and the goals that they have for improvement. 

If you’re looking for a self-assessment that will help you assess where your district is with regard to data culture and use, the Data Use Self-Assessment is for you!

The Toolkit

The Data Use Self-Assessment toolkit contains the Data Use Self-Assessment and companion documents that assist in ensuring successful facilitation with school or school district teams. 

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The Instructions document describes the format and structure of the Data Use Self-Assessment, including definitions of terms. It also includes guidelines for use, recommended team members, expected time for completion, suggested steps for completion, and examples of use. 

This document provides a place for the facilitator to take notes and describe the evidence team members considered when making their ratings. 

If facilitating the Data Use Self-Assessment with a team virtually where participants are using the PDF version to complete their individual ratings, this slide deck can be used to gather individual ratings from team members using the Annotate tool in Zoom. 

The Action Plan is a template teams may use to identify the problems they see when discussing the ratings, describe ideas for addressing the problems and identifying a timeframe and person responsible. 

The PDF can be printed and shared with participants. Participants can complete it before or during the meeting.  

The entire DUSA is available as a Google form. Clicking on this link will prompt you to make a copy of the form and save it into your own Google Drive. You can edit your local copy to customize questions or remove elements. From your Google Drive you will also be able to view and download the ratings entered by your team.