Programming experiments in z-Tree


Course Information

Instructor: Maria Bigoni
School: University of Bologna, school of Economics
  • March 29, 30, 31, 14:30-17:00
  • April 3, 4, and 5, 9:30-12:00
Location: BLESS laboratory, via Ranzani 14, Bologna

The course will provide participants with the basic information required to program and run experiments with z-Tree. In the second part of the course, I will introduce more advanced tools for programming in z-Tree, and answer specific questions possibly raised by participants in relation with their current and perspective research.

During classes, participants will have to replicate on their PC the described procedures, so to make classes as interactive as possible.

We adopt z-Tree version 3.6.

The course will be taught in English, and classes will take place at the BLESS lab in via Ranzani 14/b, Bologna, on March 29-31, 2017 (2:30pm-5:00pm every day) and on April 3-5, 2017 (9:30am-12:00pm every day). It is aimed at the Ph.D. students in Economics and Law and Economics of the University of Bologna, but a limited number of seats is available for external students. 

If you are interested in attending the course, please fill in this form.


No specific knowledge of programming and computer science is required. A background in experimental economics is recommended in order to fully understand the purpose of programming in z-tree and the practical examples we will go through during the course.

Before starting the course, participants need to get a licence for using z-Tree, and to download the software. The program is licensed free of charge. To get a licence, please, follow this link. Once you obtain your licence, you will be able to download z-Tree from this webpage:

Maximum number of participants: 32