Working papers

Job Polarization and Structural Change
(Joint with Christian Siegel), 2017
Accepted for publication American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
abstract slides

The Minimum Wage and Inequality, 2016
Journal of Labor Economics Part 1, 34(1): 237-274.
Work in Progress

Disentangling Occupation- and Sector-specific Technological Change (Joint with Christian Siegel), 2017

Fertility, Longevity and International Capital Flows (Joint with Nicolas Coeurdacier and Stephane Guibaud), 2015

Tax Schemes and Evasion: the Self-employment Margin

Labor, Technological Advances and Schooling (Joint with Moshe Buchinsky)

Some Tax Evasion - More Redistribution: A Political Economy Model of Tax Evasion

Income Inequality and the Progressivity of Taxes in a Coalition Formation Model

Increasing Skill Premium and Skill Supply - Steady State Effects or Transition?