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What is MFNetDisk?

The name, MFNetDisk, is MF-NETDISK, meaning enabling MF to communicate (net) with the disk storage (disk) of the PC.

This product enables MF (IBM Z/OS) to use the PC storage (net disks), for any emulations or replication, using the TCP IP protocol as a communication media between the MF and the PC.

MFNetDisk uses two components, one is the MF component and the second is the PC component.

MF component only delivers the MF IO requests from MF to PC and receives data and status from the PC.

PC Component does all the hard-working, meaning, the emulation and the replication. Easily, MFNetDisk can emulate any device, only by adding code to the PC only.

Currently, MFNetDisk emulates 3390 disks and 3490 tapes, but upon requests, it can emulate anything like printers, terminals, CTC and more.

MFNetDisk PRO uses TCP but runs like a FICON.

MFNetDisk Highlights

MFNetDisk supports disks and tapes for emulation and real 3390 disk replication and one-second snapshot 3390 disks backup and restore.

MFNETDISK introduces two modes – Replication and emulation for replicating any real 3390 (IBM, EMC or HDS), and emulating 3390 disks and 3490 tapes.

MFNetDisk virtual tape emulates tapes the same as IBM VTS, or CA VTAPE or EMC DLM emulates tapes.

MFNetDisk virtual disk emulates 3390 disks the same as IBM (DSS), HDS and EMC (DMX) emulate disks.

MFNetDisk replicates real 3390 disks to PC storage without any shortage of resources, without any delay to the real disks and without almost any overhead.

MFNetDisk virtual tape can manage its scratch tapes, mounts virtual tapes automatically and quickly, supports Unlimited tapes from Unlimited PC, no distance or connectivity limitations, sharing tapes from unlimited MF.

Software solution only. Select any PC, old or new, cheap or expensive, Windows or Linux or Unix or MF Z/Linux, and you can start in no time to emulate 3390 disks or tapes or replicate real 3390 disks with data contained in the PC hard disks.

MFNetDisk introduces new data sharing and data movement capabilities for MFNetDisk tapes and disks emulation, for Mainframe environments with no distance or connectivity limitations.

Easily you can access the same disk or tape from NY or from LA, from China and from USA with full data integrity.

Adding new MFNetDisk technology called ICKD (©), internet CKD for MF. This Technology is the MF equivalent technology to the iSCSI technology.

The iSCSI is a well known SAN new technologies compared to other SAN Fiber Channel technologies, which are working now in the MF (FICON, ESCON).

MFNetDisk adds a new feature of VTOC journaling and undeletes never seen before in MF.

Easy undelete script to recover VSAM and regular files in seconds.

Even if you do not have a backup or even if the backup is old and does not reflect the current status of the file, MFNetDisk undelete will recover the file up to date.

Almost no overhead, nor storage nor CPU overhead is needed in MVS.

Only very small storage needs in PC (few MB for 256 devices per PC) to manage the all VTOC journaling and undelete.

MFNetDisk SnapShot backup create a backup for any real 3390 disks or emulated MFNetDisk 3390 in less than one second.

With SnapShot backup, all the backup data can be access without the need to restore it.

MFNetDisk scripts in MF and PC can help you to Sync all your disks data before the backup by verifying not updates IO pending for your 3390 disks.

MFNetDisk can access your backup data, as 3390 read-only, disks in second without the need to restore it to disk.

To see the SnapShot backup in action in YouTube, press here.

MFNetDisk delivers a full solution for tapes. No more need to buy tapes manager to handle the MFNetDisk tapes.

MFNetDisk in addition of emulated tapes can also function as a tapes manager to the MFNetDisk tapes.

This option is a must if you want to share tapes between a far remote site which can not share the standard tape manager which may require shared files between hosts.

User: "After the trial period, Fundi purchased a new server PC with substantial storage capacity. Fundi defined a number of 3390 mod 27 disks for use during its z/OS 1.9 product download (to HFS file system). This worked perfectly, and saved the company a substantial amount of time during the download/installation process."

Quickstart Videos are available on the Download page.