Hi, I'm Nick Veitch in Taipei and I teach MMA and street-fight ready wing chun kung fu. I teach a small class, instructing people one-on-one as that's really the only way to learn. I don't teach drills. You won't need them. 

Wing Chun is essentially sword-fighting. Each arm is an articulated weapon, one joint at the elbow, another at the wrist, plus an extension that serves as a grasping tool, i.e. your hand. If you're familiar with wing chun and you and your opponent each grasp a knife and do sticky-hands, you'll find it lends itself perfectly to knife fighting.  

Kung fu was banned repeatedly in dynastic and communist China and the Yip Man tradition of kung fu is missing several core elements as a result. I've discovered what's missing and reintegrated it. The difference is night and day. 

My background is Yip Man lineage Wing Chun, Tai Chi, plus my own leg-fighting material. I highly stress ambidextrous three-limb fighting. (That means fighting with your arms and legs (i.e. chi-shou and chi-jiao) simultaneously, all the time.) Also studied some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Great stuff!. 

Bio: grew up in the UK, equatorial Africa, and North America. Been on the ROC for 25 years. Self-taught Mandarin speaker, professional translator, transitioning into best-selling historian. Love history, politics, cooking, jazz. Am married.

Fee: Free! I teach outdoors to a few friends. Can't be bothered to charge 'em.  

Email: biffcapp@gmail.com  

Updated: March 2015

Above is me on TV trying to shed as much light as fast as possible. Second video is me introducing Brian, who's studied Xingyi and Bagua, to part of how we flow. 

Below are Phil (no previous martial arts experience) and I mucking about. First standing still. Then walking. Then some very elementary leg and arm. Next is Phil and Nick (had several wing chun teachers in the UK, none of whom taught him to walk and chishou together apparently). 

背景: 我永春拳师傅是盧文錦先生(是葉問的外孫;葉問先生是李小龙的师傅)我也正式的学过太极拳于巴西柔道。 我散打经验包含跟永春拳,太极拳,鹤拳,螳螂拳, 蔡李佛拳,巴西柔道,与西方拳击。我有十几年的教学经验在台湾与美国(在后者,我帮忙了师傅John Kang开了 East West Wing Chun Kung Fu Bay Area Association)。我与师傅Bradley Temple 跟师傅John Kang一起合作翻译了师傅盧文錦的著作"Police Kung Fu: The Personal Combat Handbook of the Taiwan National Police."

实用詠春拳功夫:您看过电影‘叶问’或李小龙的影片那您就知道永春全是一个超好的防身术。它是以柔克刚, 又健身,又很科学,又好玩。


時間表: 認真的學生在短短几个月內可以使用在防身或化解打架的情形。

地点:我开了两门课 (白天于晚上在台大不同的地点): 请参考 这网站的'G: Schedule and Location' 页或大电话来问。


關於这网页的照片: 最上面的那張是我上電視節目關鍵時刻而介紹詠春拳.下面的那張是1996拍的.有師父盧文錦(葉問的外孫),(穿紫色的上衣),師父John Kang(現在在美國教學)師父Bradley Temple(現在在美國教學). 下面的影片是从初年关键时刻电视节目,当天我来示范一些永春拳观念,还有我台大的一门可的学生。

Nick Veitch...
Lo Man Kam (in blue, nephew of Yip Man, and my primary Wing Chun teacher), John Kang (teaches in Virginia), Brad Templeton (teaches in Las Vegas), and your humble instructor Nick (in purple, here in Taipei).