Zidong An

I am a Ph.D candidate in economics at American University. I am on the job market and will be available for interviews at the 2019 ASSA meeting in Atlanta, GA.

My research interests include Applied Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, and Time Series Econometrics. My dissertation "Inattention, Uncertainty, and Macroeconomic Dynamics" focuses on the expectation formation process and its interaction with macroeconomic dynamics and policy shocks.

My CV is available here.

Email: zidong.an@gmail.com

Working Papers:

[1] Inattention and the Effects of Monetary Policy, (Job Market Paper). [Data available upon request]

[2] Private-Public Capital Substitution and Growth, (with Alvar Kangur and Chris Papageorgiou), European Economic Review, revised and resubmitted. [Data available upon request]

[3] Financial Reforms and Private Capital Formation in Developing Economies, (with Jonathan Ostry and Chris Papageorgiou). [Draft coming soon]

[4] The Persistence of Populism, (with Chris Papageorgiou and Antonio Spilimbergo).

[5] Inattention, Disagreement, and Accuracy: New Evidence from Individual Forecasters. [Draft coming soon]

[6] Inattention in the G7 Countries: Transmission and Policy Implications.

[7] Okun’s Law and Demographics: Differences Across Labor Markets, (with John Bluedorn and Gabriele Ciminelli). [Draft coming soon]


[1] Do IMF Forecasts Respect Okun’s Law? Evidence for Advanced and Developing Economies, (with Laurence Ball, Joao Jalles, and Prakash Loungani), International Journal of Forecasting, accepted.

[2] An Assessment of IMF’s Unemployment Forecasts, (with Joao Jalles and Prakash Loungani), Manchester School, accepted.

[3] Growth and Jobs in Developing Economies: Trends and Cycles, (with Tayeb Ghazi and Nathalie Gonzalez Prieto), Open Economies Review, accepted. Other versions: IMF Working Paper 17/257.

[4] Do IMF Fiscal Forecasts Add Value? (with Joao Jalles, Prakash Loungani, and Ricardo Sousa), Journal of Forecasting, September 2018.

[5] How Well Do Economists Forecast Recessions? (with Joao Jalles and Prakash Loungani), International Finance, June 2018. Other versions: IMF Working Paper 18/39.

Policy Publications:

[1] Improving Youth Labor Market Outcomes in Emerging Market and Developing Economies (with JaeBin Ahn, John Bluedorn, Gabriele Ciminelli, Zsoka Koczan, Davide Malacrino, Daniela Muhaj, and Patricia Neidlinger), IMF Staff Discussion Note 19/02, January 2019. Technical Appendices.

[2] Does Growth Create Jobs? Evidence for Advanced and Developing Economies, (with Nathalie Gonzalez Prieto, Prakash Loungani and Saurabh Mishra), IMF Research Bulletin, September 2016

[3] International Jobs Report, (with Prakash Loungani), OCP Policy Center, semiannual report.