About me...


Currently I am a postdoc fellow at Bremen Spatial Cognition Centre, where I carry on a project on Cognitive Qualitative Descriptions and Applications (CogQDA) as principal investigator (PI) funded by the Exzellent Initiative at Universität Bremen. I am also Junior Fellow at the Hanse Wissenschaft Kolleg (HWK) of Advanced Studies in Delmenhorst, where I am carrying out the project "ProSocrates: Problem Solving, Creativity and Spatial Reasoning in Cognitive Systems".

In 2004, I graduated in Computer Science Engineering at Universitat Jaume I, Castellón, Spain. In 2006, I was awarded a scholarship by Generalitat Valenciana (Spain) to carry out my PhD thesis in Qualitative Representations applied to Robotics. From 2010 to 2011, I was a research engineer in Cognitive Robots SL where I applied some methods of my thesis to the automation of scrubber machines. In 2011, I got my joint Dr./Dr-Ing. title by Universitat Jaume I and Universität Bremen (Germany). In 2012, I got accredited by ANECA as "Profesor Contratado Doctor". As a postdoc, in 2012 I got a 03 Brückenstelle in die Post-Doc-Phase by the Exzellent Initiative at Universität Bremen, and in 2013 and was awarded a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships for Career Development, European Commission under the FP7 call reference FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF to carry on a project on Cognitive Scene Descriptions (Cognitive-AmI) as the principal investigator (PI). 

I have been working in colla
boration with the Bremen Spatial Cognition Research Centre since 2008, with the Departments of Applied Economics and Languages and Computer Systems at Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) since 2009, and with the BioInfoGenomics research group at Combiomed Network (Spain) since 2005. I am also member of: the Spatial Learning Network by the National Science Foundation (NCS) at the Spatial Intelligence Learning Center (SILC), the Cognitive Science Society, the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence (ACIA), the association by Científicos Españoles en la República Federal de Alemania (CERFA).