ZeFir is downloadable as a zip package which contains:
- the Igor procedure
- the manual (pdf)
- Examples and data
- ZeFir article in Environmental Modelling & Software (doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.11.022)

- Windows or MacOS (functionnalities which requires HYSPLIT scripts and Openair may be uncompatible with MacOS)
- Igor Pro v6.3 or higher (compatibility with Igor Pro 7 is not ensured yet).
(- for cluster analysis and backtrajectory calculation: PC-based version of HYSPLIT)
(- for Openair polarplot function: R package installed (Rscript.exe) and Openair package installed)

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==========================================TERMS OF USE============================================

ZeFir is shared through the Common Creatives license CC BY-NC-ND. You are free to share (copy and redistribute) the material in any medium or format, under the following terms:

-          You must give appropriate credit to ZeFir and its developer, by citing “ZeFir” and its corresponding article (citation below) in any communication of any type.

-          You may not use ZeFir for any commercial purpose.

-          If you remix, transform, or build upon ZeFir, you may not distribute the modified material.

Petit, J.-E., Favez, O., Albinet, A., Canonaco, F.: A user-friendly tool for comprehensive evaluation of the geographical origins of atmospheric pollution: wind and trajectory analyses. Environmental Modelling and Software, 88C, 183-187, doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.11.022, 2017.
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ZeFir has been developped on Igor Pro v.6.37. Full compatibility with v6.2. or any prior version is not ensured, as well as Igor Pro 7; please contact zefir.contact(at)gmail.com for details. The Igor procedure is editable, meaning that the source code is available; however, it is not allowed to share a modified version of ZeFir without the consent of the developper. Any customed improvement in the code has to be apprised to zefir.contact(at)gmail.com

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