Igor is a data analysis software developped by Wavemetrics, Inc ( Within the atmospheric science community, Igor is now widely used because Aerosol Mass Spectrometers require this software for data acquisition, processing and analysis. Moreover, statistical analysis from AMS/ACSM data can now be performed in Igor through dedicated user-friendly panels:
- PMF Evaluation Tool: Ulbrich et al. (2009). (pdf)
- SourceFinder: Canonaco et al. (2013). (pdf)

ZeFir falls in complement with source apportionment tools, since the determination of the geographical origin of atmospheric pollution can now be performed on the same software which source apportionment work is performed on. But, obviously, data that are not natively within an Igor experiment can be manually imported, being for instance single chemical species or results from external source apportionment softwares such as EPA PMF softwares.