recent and upcoming talks

'The fragmented mind'
Stanford University, 5 May 2017
University of Nevada, Reno, 10 November 2016
Center for Mind and Brain, UC Davis, 7 October 2016

'Action-oriented perception'
Sensing Strange Things workshop, University of St Andrews, 4-5 June 2016
Bay Area Philosophy of Science meeting, San Francisco State University, 10 December 2015 
15th Congress on Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science (CLMPS), Helsinki, 3-8 August 2015

'Modularity and the predictive mind'
MIND23 workshop on predictive coding, Frankfurt, 4-6 May 2016

Commentary on “The ‘Autism Objection’ to Pretense Treatments of Mathematics” by Richard Fry
APA Central Division meeting, Chicago, 2-5 March 2016