‘The embodied mind’
In November 2008 I was selected by BBC Radio 3's The Essay as one of their five 'New Generation Thinker's and asked to broadcast a 15-minute essay on my research. The BBC site can be accessed here, and you can download a transcript of my essay here. To download a copy of the broadcast (20MB mp3) click here.

‘Neuroscience roundtable: is anybody in there?’

In March 2010 I participated in Prospect magazine's special issue on neuroscience and society. The published feature can be read here.

'The autonomy of the mental and the personal/subpersonal distinction'

In May 2012 I spoke at a conference on Daniel Dennett's personal/subpersonal distinction. An audio recording of my talk is available here. The other talks, and Dennett's responses, are available here.
'Happiness-prediction and careers advice'
A New APPS blog post from January 2014 in which I argue that the advice to only pursue an academic career if you can't imagine being happy doing anything else is highly problematic, and potentially discriminates against those groups of people we're trying hardest to attract and retain in Philosophy.

I am also the object of a Dutchman's conspiracy theory. Details from his blogs here and here