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Welcome to  CHIEKO's page, Studio YUPANQUI:

       We have thousands of years' history of developing multiples textile techniques.  
       Because of the excellent efficiency for mass production, weaving, knitting and crochet 
       are most popular and have worldwide users actually.  The others are more restricted 
       and almost disappeared as they are not suitable to make a lot and besides taking much
       time to do.

       We may prefer to be convenient and love cheap mass production. Nevertheless I still 
       believe in those minority methods to make use of something valuable and proper.  
       I’d like to study more about such traditional textiles existed before weave-innovation. 
       Let's look for their characteristics in each and make them useful for our actual creativity.

      Chieko Aihara, Japanese textile artist and researcher, established her studio Yupanqui  
      in 1982. She makes her original tapestry, 3-D objects, and wearable works, using 
      multiple materials of natural fiber with mixed-media such as weaving, braiding, sprang, 
      knitting, felting, looping etc.

 New Topics

Sprang tutorial series is now posted in YouTube.
    URL of each video are listed at the bottom of this page.

■  2018 Workshop in March 10 and 17:        「Looping」
      Thank you for coming and we enjoyed the crossed-looping technique this time.
     New pictures are added in the page of Class-Workshop.  Please refer to.

      Old looping fragment from Nazca culture.
                 Experimental models for workshop

■   Column Q&A     New Page started:           Seeking for new proper inspiration:

     With sincere appreciation to a lot of tutorials via internet,  I’d like to enjoy  
     our handicraft freely,  not only imitating similar models but also observing,
     thinking ourselves what happens in itself while working.  The each process
     and gadget should be have certain meanings why they need.
     Let's start seeking for and taking key of ideas inspired in Column Q&A.

■   Update in Facebook :  Sprang Experiment re twill- interlacing 2:2 

My dog wears his sprang jacket.     Detail of sprang jacket      working on frame

■  2018  Sprang Class Schedule

  1/20、2/17、3/17、4/21、5/19、6/16、7/21、(8/18) 9/22、10/20、11/17、12/15
  13:00〜16:30  at  Ochanomizu, Tokyo
     More information please see:  Class-Workshop page or
    contact to: talleryupanqui@gmail.com

 Profile & Activity


Sprang + Looping

 Sprang + Felting

Silk Tunic

Chieko studied Ibero-American culture and Spanish in Johchi(Sophia) University in Tokyo, where she was much interested in the ancient Andean textiles. In 1973, she realized her first journey to South America, and continues her proper research up to the present. 

Between 1984 and 2009 she visited  Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Spain, Italia, Portugal and Morocco. Researching of different areas, she tried to take  more wider and deeper vision and a sense of good observation. Continuous experiments are also needed to know how to make traditional textiles. At the same time, she accomplishes exhibitions and lecture-workshops in the universities, museums and other individual spaces.

In 2007 up to 2009, she had a local studio in Valparaiso, Chile, where organized varied workshops. It is wonderful to share with the different way of thinking between other countries. We can receive mutually more understanding and creativity inspired from each other's variety of cultures.

In 2003, Chieko Aihara published 2 books: "Sprang" and "Sprang Samples and Structural Figures".  "Sprang"  is  a  manual text, written in Japanese with detailed information. The other is a unique book of over 100 pictures and 25 structural diagrams concerning Sprang. The author plans an extra digest version in English in future, which will be attached to the textbook for international readers.  Further information, please refer to the page "Books". 

 Valparaiso Univ., Chile

 Chinchero, Peru
   National Museum MNAA,
Lima, Peru

Tezukayama Univ.  Japan

Tarapaca Univ., Arica, Chile
Tokyo Zokei Univ.  Japan


 ■   2018 Workshop in March 10 and 17:      Looping
 ■   Tokyo Spinning Party 2017                           Sprang Workshop
2017.9.9(Sat) / 10(Sun)  10:00〜 17:00

 fragment of ancient Andean culture
(early Nazca period, 2000 years ago)

             2018.3.10  at Yupanqui studio

             2018.3.17  at Tokyo, Ochanomizu

Past events・shows・Exhibitions

Gallery T, Katase-Enoshima
      Art Space Elicona, Iwaki
 Senbikiya-Gallery, Kyobashi, Tokyo

Gallery Los Pinos, Fujisawa
Poster for Valparaiso, Chile
Gallery Ai, Tokyo

El Farol, Valparaiso, Chile

 Invitation for Wacoal G. Tokyo  

Wacoal Art Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Latest Information:

facebook page
   スプラングsprang (Sprang and Textile of Chieko Aihara)

■ Sprang tutorial for beginners in Youtube.
  1.  Warping https://youtu.be/gW-pZFLllUQ
    2.  Interlinking https://youtu.be/dnzR7nJ4UwY 
    3.  Why?  S/Z Twist & Varied Tutorial of Manipulation  https://youtu.be/sJpx_Zm3MnI 
  4.  Finishing and Joining https://youtu.be/7FB8c0QGOdU
  5.  Interlacing https://youtu.be/yC9F7QxRQh4 
  6.  Intertwining https://youtu.be/BVDZyAxETTU