Selamat Datang ~ Welcome
Welcome to my website of YSFlight mods and some more others
I made some rework aircrafts and modified with.

Progress so far:
A330 & A340 Series Rework = completed
Sukhoi T-10/Su-27 Family Megapack = Chinese version Flankers left on development,more repaints coming
Ilyushin Candid's = 80% complete(more paintschemes and variants are still on research+improving gauges and instruments)
Peninsular of Malaysia and Singapore = 60%-70% complete (on progress for ground objects and terrains)
Non-American Aircraft Carrier (NAAC) Pack = HMS Ark Royal R09,INS Vikramaditya in development.INS Vikrant and Project23000E Shtorm in                                                                           consideration
F/A-18 Series (megapack confirmed) = might be cancelled (as of Hornet's/FA18E interest on Legacy Hornet repaints and completed his own Super                                                          Hornet
A300 Series rework = 15% complete (more paintschemes and variants are still on research)
MD-11 Pack ver 1.1 = plan to modify(according to NightRaven's resource) and reduce filesize
B737 Original/Early Series = expansion to the -200F variant(will include more variants like -100,-200/Adv/C/QC/F,Decaff-quality cockpit panels derived from 707 and 727)

All my rework model are allowed for repaint and need to credit on publish
for modifications on my mods,please PM me first,and credit me and original creator(if my work were rework)

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