Dates & Deadlines

Dates & Deadlines

December 4 – Saturday : Registration Opens (see link on website) to reserve a number of youth and adult spots for the event. Spots are limited. Parishes and schools are responsible for $25 fee for each spot for which they register, unless they are able to trade them to be adopted by another group. The $25 fee is part of the total cost of $60 per person.

December 20 – Monday: Group registration closes.

o After this date, groups are responsible for $25 fee for each spot they have reserved.

o Leaders will be able to adjust numbers by logging into your formsite account until this date.

o After this date, you must trade spots between groups (adopt-a-spot), and notify our office via email about any spots that need to be transferred. The 6 to 1 youth/adult ratio must be maintained by each group.

o Additional spots can be purchased after this date by contacting our office.

o After Dec 20, please make all requests by emailing

January 5 – Wednesday: This is the deadline for all individuals (adults and youth) to register online and complete all release forms. These forms are included in the online registration link.

January 7 – Friday: a total of $60 per person is due to St. Michael High School. Parishes/Schools may bring a check to St. Michael or mail check to school before January 7. Any spots reserved that are not filled must also pay $25 per spot unless spots are adopted by another group. (See process below) All adults must complete child protection requirements by this date.

January 8 – Saturday: Group leader meeting. All group leaders or a representative must attend in person (preferred) or via zoom for important information about the event. Time for the meeting is 9:00am at St. Michael in the library which is in the main school building.

January 15 - Saturday: All participants arrive at St. Michael High School Gym by 9:00am.

January 16 – Sunday: Event concludes at 10:00pm at St. Michael High School Gym.

JANUARY 22- Baton Rouge Life March - 10:00am DOWNTOWN