Quotes out of the book (copyright of the below material belongs to Roeland de Looff):

An illusionary person


an illusionary world.

When all illusions have disappeared,

silence remains,

which is

the real you.

Since we do not experience reality as it is, we live in an illusion. We are not aware of it. The reason is that we have never experienced reality as it is. We have only experienced the picture in our head. We have never seen reality like it is. 

At the start of the Big Bang everything was condensed together in a space of less than one atom. This contained everything out of which galaxies, stars and planets evolved. 

With our senses we experience a world that seems to contain solid forms, but at a fundamental level there is only emptiness. Hence the Heart Sutra says: “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.”

As oneness you are eternal. You make shapes appear and disappear. Through you time and space appear. Nothing can happen to you, because you are invulnerable. You are never born so you can not die.

Our world with space and time is just an appearance within a more fundamental reality that is beyond space and time. 

At a fundamental level you are not a person who is struggling to survive in a limited world that exists within space and time.At a fundamental level you are invulnerable and beyond time and space. 

The world including what you ‘feel is you’ is in essence a 3D multimedia experience. Just like a 3D world in a computer game it is one whole.

You were programmed to believe in free will and to experience the illusion of free will. 

The feeling that there is an entity is an illusion generated by the brain. There is no separate you that is outside that brain activity.

Spirituality is knowing that you have never done anything,

never will do anything, because only oneness is doing something.

Spirituality means accepting this fact totally.

Knowing that only oneness exists

And that at a fundamental level,

you are oneness.

Tat tvam asi.

You are that.

In true spirituality things are not positive, nor are they negative, but they are what they are without any judgement of the ego.

There is an alternative definition of enlightenment. This does not refer to a special state, but simply to: Knowing the Truth. 


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