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My name is Roeland de Looff, I am the author of the book 'The Science of Oneness'. It is a book that explores the nature of all the illusions that surround us. In particular the illusion of a separate me that is doing things.

Most of us have a feeling that there is a separate entity that is apart from the rest of the world and somehow has to control the world.

That never works because the world is so much larger then this entity. It is as if one man tries to stop an army.

This feeling of having to control something that is so much more powerful gives rise to frustration. The entity can never win because what is out there outnumbers the entity totally. What is out there is much more then just a few tanks.

However, the question is does this feeling reflect the true situation? Is reality the way our senses show it to us?

To answer this question let us find out what the world is made of. What is the fabric of reality?

The materials and forms that we see are made out of molecules. These molecules are combinations of atoms.

An atom is made out of a nucleus that consists of protons and neutrons.

Circling around that nucleus are electrons.

The nucleus is extremely small. As an example let us take the hydrogen atom. This is the simplest atom.

It contains of one proton and one electron circling around it.

If we would build a traditional model of that atom which has the size of a cathedral the nucleus will have the size of a grain of sand with an electron circling around it near the walls. So the atom is mostly empty space.

In fact we will see that it is only empty space.

The electron is a point particle. This means that it has mass, but it does not have any size. According to quantum physics it does not even have a location.

The electron is not a little ball that has a clear location but it consists only as a collection of possible locations it can have. Around the proton there is a field of possible locations of the electron.

The grain of sand is not solid either. The proton which forms the nucleus of the hydrogen atom is build up of smaller elementary particles called quarks. There are two types of quarks inside the proton: Up quarks and down quarks. There are two up quarks and one down quark. This gives a charge of +1.

Of course many atoms also have neutrons. A neutron is build out of two down quarks and one up quark. This gives a neutral charge.

Just like the electron quarks are also point particles. They also have mass, but no size. This means that the nucleus is also empty space. There are no 'solid balls' within the nucleus. At a fundamental level there is only emptiness.

Why does it seem that there is a world which consists of material forms? If all there is is emptiness why don't we fall straight through the earth?

The reason is that although there is no solidity there is a lot of energy. Some parts of that energyfield can repel other parts. It is not really my hand as a solid object that touches anything solid on the table but the part of the energyfield that forms the table repels the part of the energyfield that forms the hand.

All matter that shapes our world is build out of only three elementary particles: up quarks, down quarks and electrons. That is all. There are more particles in the standard model of physics but these particles are unstable and last for only very tiny fractions of seconds.

The standard model of physics contains three generations of matter. Within tiny fractions of a second particles of the third and second generation decomposes into first generation particles. Therefore only first generation particles generate stable forms.

There are four first generation particles. Of these the electron neutrino is not relevant for our world since it does not interact with the other particles. Neutrino's go right through ordinary matter. They do not interact with the world we experience in any way.

So all we are left with are the up quarks, down quarks and electrons.

These elementary particles are held together by four different forces.

The nucleus is held together by the strong and weak force.

Everything that is larger then a nucleus is glued together by the electromagnetic force and gravity.

Gravity is a force that is especially important at a large scale. It is gravity that keeps the planets and stars in orbit.

However, it is electromagnetic radiation that keeps the atoms and molecules together and therefore glues the world that we experience.

Since elementary particles have no size of their own, all that we experience is essentially an energyfield formed by the electromagnetic force.

There is nothing solid in the universe. There is only one energyfield and this one energyfield fills the entire cosmos.

The world that we experience is a mix of only three particles: up quarks, down quarks and electrons, held together by electromagnetic radiation. That is it.

There are other particles but they are either very short lived or are not part of the world that we experience like neutrino's and anti matter.

Since the elementary particles have no size the world is a field of electromagnetic energy.

To us it appears as if there are separate objects but this is a misconception.

You can compare this with a computer game. You can see separate objects in the game.

In a game there seem to be different forms.

But in essence it is all bits and bytes. In advanced versions of the computer game the Sims it is even possible to give different levels of free will to some of these forms. You can give them limited free will, moderate free will or even high free will. So sometimes it seems they are moving separately out of their own free will but in essence it is all bits and bytes. It is one game, although out of the game different forms appear of which some seem to go their own way.

For us the illusion of separation is enlarged by the appearance of different colors. However, there are no colors in nature. There is only electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths that appears to us as colors.

The colors that we experience exist only in our head. There is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we experience as colors.

The rest of the electromagnetic spectrum is not visible to us, although sometimes we can experience it in different ways. For example waves that are a bit larger then the visible waves are experienced by us as heat. However, most of the electromagnetic spectrum like radio waves or gamma waves are not experienced by us at all.

The real world has no colors. You cannot even say it is white or black since black and white are also colors. It is just an colorless energyfield. There are some waves of that energyfield that give rise to the experience of colors.

It is the same with other sensory perceptions. There are no tastes in nature. There are only molecules that bind with receptors that are on the tongue.

Different molecules bind with different receptors and it is this that gives rise to the experience of a certain taste.

Many people like the taste sweet. Molecules that come from ripe fruits bind with receptors that give rise to the experience we call sweet. Molecules from fruits that are not ripe bind with receptors that give rise to the experience sour. This taste is not appreciated by most people. It is a kind of warning sign. It gives the message that the fruit is not ripe yet and should not be consumed.

Smells work in the same way. There are no smells in nature. There are only molecules that bind to receptors in the nose and give rise to an experience in our head like a nice smell or a bad smell. In most cases a bad smell is given by something that is dangerous for our survival. A nice smell is given by something that is good for us.

Sounds are caused by pressure changes. These changes need to be between 20 to 20.000 times each second to be heard by humans.

If a tree falls down and there is no one to hear it does that tree make a sound? It does not. It only makes pressure waves in the air. There is an ear and a brain needed to give rise to the experience sound. The experience sound exists in the head only. If there is no head around the experience sound does not arises.

We believe there are real colors, smells, tastes and sounds in nature but we are wrong. They are simply interpretations by our brain of what is happening in that one energyfield.

If we could experience the world as it really is how would it look like? It would be a colorless field of radiation.

There is a colorless energyfield that contains out of a mix of up quarks, down quarks and electrons, held together by electromagnetic radiation. In some parts this mix is denser like in solid objects. In other parts the particles are further apart. This is the case with air. Gas molecules are moving freely and not binded to one another as in solid matter.

We experience air to be empty, but that is not the truth.

Air is as much a part of the quark-electron mix as anything else. The mix is just less dense which enables us to look through it.

This quark-electron mix builds everything there is including our bodies. It even fills up empty space, the space between planets and stars, since there are also molecules in empty space. The density of atoms in the space between stars (which is called interstellar space) is very low only a few atoms per cubic cm, but even interstellar space is not empty and therefore part of the one energyfield.

So it is one energyfield in which forms arise that have more density. Different creatures have different senses to detect these difference in density. These senses cause the world to look a lot more separate then it really is.

I experience myself here. I experience a table there and I experience emptiness between the two. I do not experience a continuum which is what really exists.

The appearance of colors adds to the feeling that there are separate objects that are apart from one another.

In the world as it is there are no separations. The forms arise out of the one energyfield, but it is the energyfield that is fundamental. There is only one real entity which is the energyfield. However, what we experience are many forms that are separated.

The world that you experience is totally different from the world as it really is. People do not realize that because they have never experienced the world as it is. They have only experienced the illusionary picture in their head.

The philosopher Kant called this illusion the phenomenon. The phenomenon is the world as we see it in our head. He called the world as it is the noumenon. The two are very different. The noumenon is the world as it is, the phenomenon is the world as it appears in our head.

Ramesh Balsekar often refers to this.

The noumenon consists of an energyfield in which nothing gets lost or gets added but in which the forms which are denser parts of the energyfield continuously arise and disappear.

You can call this 'shape shifting'. The energyfield is continuously shape shifting itself.

According to Albert Einstein energy just changes its forms, nothing is gained, nothing is lost. This makes death an impossibility. Death is simply an illusion.

This makes all speculation about individual reincarnation redundant. The true you is not a soul that lives in a body. The true you is all there is. This is invulnerable and lives for ever.

The true you is even beyond time and space. This can be proven because of the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation. Of the four natural forces electromagnetic radiation and gravitational fields have the speed of light. 

The strong nuclear force moves at either the speed of light or perhaps slightly below it. The weak nuclear force moves at a lower speed because its force carrier is the W/Z Boson which has mass and therefore cannot move at the speed of light. Of course both the strong and weak nuclear force work at the very short distances within the nucleus only. The weak nuclear force works at even shorter distances then the strong nuclear force.

However, the two forces that shape the world outside the nucleus, gravity and electromagnetism, have the speed of light. This has interesting consequences According to Einstein the more an object approaches the speed of light the more both time and space shrinks. If an object has the speed of light time becomes zero and space becomes zero.

So seen from the point of view of electromagnetic radiation there is no time or space. The forces that shape our world are timeless and spaceless.

Out of timelessness and spacelessness the world of time and space appears. This is shown in the triangle. From the point at the top of the triangle a world of time and space appears.

During most of human history it was only the mystic who had some idea about the true nature of reality. He could make contact to the stillness that goes beyond time and space. A stillness that is much deeper then most people ever experience.

However, in these days a science has developed that gives more insights into this.

We are creatures whose brains are built in such a way that we experience a reality of which time and space seem to be the foundation.

And not only that but we experience separateness too.

Why do we experience ourselves as being a limited entity that has to deal with many dangers and knows for sure that all its efforts will only end in death?

The answer is that for moving life forms to survive they need to have some sense of separation. Evolution does not have any interest in truth, its only interests are survival and reproduction. So if some trait is good for survival evolution will encourage that.

If an animal meets a lion it should make some difference for him whether he will survive as a separate entity or gets eaten by the lion and becomes part of his body.

Life forms that do not have this sense of separation will not survive very long.

To enable animals to survive evolution should implant in their brains a sense of separation. At least on an instinctive level an animal should have a feeling of being a distinctive entity. Without it he will not be motivated to search for food, defend itself, search for a mate or whatever.

It is the ultimate cosmic magic trick. Beings that move should feel separate even while in reality they are simply a part of the energyfield that contains everything.

Evolution has done an outstanding job in creating that illusion. It is so convincing that unless something drastically happens the illusion will remain intact.

Rather then fighting this illusion and trying to become free of it it is better to accept it. After all this illusion is also part of oneness. You have not chosen to experience this and you cannot choose to not experience it.

Indeed even if you know that an illusion is an illusion the illusion will still remain.

A rainbow or mirage does not suddenly disappear simply because you know that it is an illusion.

All we can do is accept the illusion as it is. Acceptance gives peace of mind and stillness. However, as Ramesh Balsekar has put it whether this acceptance happens is not up to us but to oneness.

The world is made out of light and we are creatures of light. Science helps us to understand this and meditation helps to experience this fundamental truth. Thank you.



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