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Yoli Maya Yeh  is a Yoga & Shiatsu Therapist (AOBTA, VYASA, Yoga for the Special Child) and an Educator in Comparative Religions and Global Studies (MA Comparative Religious Ethics).  Yoli works at the intersection of Indigenous Preservation, Healing Arts and Social Justice through the design and implementation of experiential education-based Decolonization Toolkit.  Raised in her family's Native American spiritual teachings, Yoli spent twelve years of her young adulthood studying language, yoga, tantra, healing arts and meditation in India. A native of Chicago, she blends her understandings of Indigenous wisdom teachings, mind-body science, yogic discipline, and play into innovative learning programs for all ages and abilities. 

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A pathway of embodied practice, theoretical learning and cultivation of intuitive knowledge that is rooted in Indigenous Matriarchal lineages from South Asia and Native North America.  Foundation courses, community spaces, practice retreats and more.   Click HERE to learn more 

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Sundays 10am -12pm CT

10 Classes Total: May 14, 21, 28, June 6, 11, July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

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The Dasha Mahavidyas are a canon of Goddesses found in various Tantric traditions both Shakta and Shaiva from the lands of South Asia.  Like so many systems of Goddesses, their stories have been co-opted by the patriarchy and made to be subservient to a Patri-theos or male divinity-centered paradigm.  These ladies are so much more than two dimensional objects of worship.  As a cannon or grouping of goddesses, there are many layers of teachings and interpretations embedded in their presentation.  One of the most pertinent teachings for us today, is how to reimagine a vision of intersectionality to meet the needs and complexities of today.   The Ten Wisdom Mothers provide a map of purpose for human being, a complete explanation of the evolution of life on Earth, as well as a roadmap for embodied decolonization practice. 

Some of our topics include: 

Each two-hour session will include a restful yoga nidra meditation, discussion and deep dive into one of the goddess archetypes and what she has to share.  Movement, ritual and a space for processing will also be a part of the experience.  We will explore the iconography, deeper meaning, empowerment and transmission space through yoga nidra practice.  This course will outline the framework of Tantra from the perspective of the Mother-Line teachings through a decolonial lens.  Rarely found in any book, what will be shared originates from oral tradition, learned first-hand at the feet of the Gurus.

$229 per workshop or $799 for the whole series

LIVE via Zoom/ Live Attendance is Key/ Recordings Included

Class 1-  Saturday, June 10th, 10am-2pm CT

Class 2- Saturday, July 8th, 10am-2pm CT

Class 3-  Saturday, September 9, 10am-2pm CT

Class 4-  Saturday, October 7, 10am-12pm CT



Hearing the call for a different way to be working in the world through your gifts and abilities? Excited to change your life design to access more rest and processing space? Ready to update ideas around manifestation and intention to a deeper understanding of how principles of resonance and alignment can guide you towards realizing your life-balance vision?   If you are hearing the call to show up with more authenticity and less fear, this offering will be an assist  in your efforts.   

Class 1- Essential Tools to Incubate Right Living & Right Livelihood

This workshop is an incubator space to examine the collage that informs how you show up in the world and what you offer. Using experiential methods, yoga nidra and focused discussion we will develop ideas of what we want this tapestry landscape to look like and how we want to feel in the vision. 

Class 2-  Into the Adventure 

Either a follow up to Class 1, or an independent, supportive space to reflect on the vision you are formulating or changes you are embarking upon.  This is a lively, celebratory dive into facing our fears and embracing our gifts and abilities while we continue to dream our wildest dreams.

Class 3- Dimensions of Ethics and Accountability 

This workshop presents a process to explore the mission, vision and values at the roots of how you show up in the world with your gifts. When we are able to express our core ethics we strengthen our integrity. 

Class 4- A Lifestyle Transformed

Time to cultivate the big audacious goals! What is the big vision?  How do you want to feel?  This workshop is an opportunity to be supported in community, through rest tools to access our unlimited creativity in our matrix design.

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