Summer Events to Connect To Community, Earth & Spirit

Family Campout
July 29-31 weekend
Illinois Beach State Park- Youth Campsite Zion, IL. This event is for families-- all ages and abilities. We'll have a campfire, activities for kids, teen cafe and yoga of parenting workshops. $85 per person (children under 2 free).

Ninja Camp at Gather
602 Davis St, Evanston
July 18-22, 3:45-5:00pm, Ages 2-6

Festivals of India at Gather
602 Davis St, Evanston
August 1st-5th, 3:45-5:00pm, Ages 2-6


Class Descriptions:

Prenatal Yoga:      This class is designed for women who would like to explore how yoga can support a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postnatal period.  We will explore poses, breathing and relaxation techniques that can be taken right into the birthing room.  Prenatal yoga is a proven therapy to reduce fatigue, swelling, low back pain and helps to focus the mind in childbirth. 

Postnatal Yoga:    This class is for both mom and baby and is full of fun! We learn baby massage and relaxing yoga poses for baby and we learn good abdominal strengthening and relaxing movements for mom to heal and relax. Come and experience the fun, babies really can do yoga!  Ages of babies should be between one and nine months. 

Yoga Playgroup:  This informal class setting will allow for engaging peer interaction for both mom and toddler.  We use yoga songs, music and games to engage both mom and toddler and the overall setting provides a chance for parents to interact and learn from each other.  Ages for this class are nine months to two years. 


Gentle Yoga:          Gentle Yoga provides a space for anyone to come and experience a yoga class whose pace is a little slower and concentrates on breathing and relaxation along with therapeutic body movements and poses.  This class is great for anyone!  Seniors, people healing from surgeries, at-home moms and more are most welcome. 


Kids Yoga:  What a better way to relax after school and before evening studies?  Come and enjoy yoga, games and non-competitive interaction and play in Kids Yoga!  This class is for ages five to fourteen.  Come and enjoy the fun!


Adult Hatha Yoga:          This traditional yoga class will move through asana, pranayama and relaxation/meditation in order to receive the full benefits of yoga practice such as a strong immune system, stress management, a youthful appearance, disease prevention and a cool and calm mind.  This class is great for ages fifteen and up.