Luis Yoichi Morales, Ph.D.

(モラレス ルイス 洋一  博士)

                - Designated Associate Professor at Nagoya University Institute of Innovation for Future Society

                - Cooperative Research Scientist at ATR
E-mail: yoichims<AT>,       (change _AT_ for @)
Twitter: @LuisYMS

Research: In the present my research is focused in navigational comfort, spatial cognition, and its use for                                robots interacting with humans. 

I am interested in the theory-implementation-experimentation cycle where robot implementation is a must do

I think we have few robots around us because implementation on the real physical robot is overlooked.

Short Biography:

2016~ Designated Associate Professor at Nagoya University
Cooperative Research Scientist at ATR
2009-2016  Research Scientist at ATR
2009-2009 Robotics Researcher at the University of Tsukuba.
2006-2009 Ph.D. in Robotics. University of Tsukuba,  Intelligent Robot Laboratory
2004-2006 M.S. in Robotics. University of Tsukuba, Intelligent Robot Laboratory  
1997-2002Undergraduate in communications and electronics (National  Polytechnic Institute of Mexico)



2015~Artificial Consciousness: Integrated Information Theory. Phi level computation on an autonomous robot
2015-2015ImPACT (Use of Brain information in Conversational Robotics)
2012-2015Sound Localization & Mapping (Mobile microphone arrays)
2011-2015Brain Machine Interface (Brain Controlled Mobility)
2009-2013Ubiquitous Network Robotics (Spatial Cognition & HRI)
Yamazumi Project (Automation for Construction Machines)

Closing the GAP between intelligent robot systems and present state of the art:
  • How could a robot system learn and store previous experiences in an efficient way to be retrieved when necessary?
  • Could autonomous robot systems perform intelligent actions based on newly perceived information combined with learnt previous experiences? 
  • Should robot systems be only pre-programmed autonomous machines capable of performing simple tasks or should they have some type of  "consciousness" or "common sense"?  (probably we should first come to a good and acceptable definition of consciousness).
  • Currently I am doing research to improve robotics technology and close the GAP between merely autonomous robots and robots with higher level of artificial intelligence.

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