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Recent Representative Publications

162. Billingsley, J. M., DeNicola, A. B., Barber, J. S., Tang, M-C., Horecka, J., Chu, A., Garg, N. K., Tang, Y.*, “Engineering the Biocatalytic Selectivity of Iridoid Production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.” Metab. Eng2017, in press. Link

160. Ohashi, M., Liu, F., Hai, Y., Chen, M., Tang, M-C., Yang, Z., Sato, M., Watanabe, K.*, Houk, K. N.*Tang, Y.*, “SAM-Dependent Enzyme-Catalysed Pericyclic Reactions in Natural Product Biosynthesis.” Nature2017Link.  C&EN Highlight  UCLA Release

152. Tang, M-C.,# Zou, Y.,# Watanabe, K., Walsh, C. T.*,   Tang, Y.* "Oxidative Cyclization in Natural Product Biosynthesis." 2017Chem. Rev. 117, 5226–5333Link