A tentative list of talks for the academic year 2018/2019

Titles and abstracts can be found at the ICMAT webpage of the Group Theory Seminar

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Date Speaker
26/9, 11:30, UAM
Davide Barbieri
Intersecting a metric ball with a discrete subgroup of a locally compact abelian group, with applications to harmonic analysis
3/10, 11:30, UAM
Marithania Silvero Khovanov homology: a combinatorial approach 
10/10, 11:30, UAM
Juan González-Meneses
Growth of braid monoids and the partial theta function
17/10 11:30, UAM
Greg Conner
Some notes on Wild Geometric Group Theory
24/10 11:30, UAM
Cristóbal Rivas Positive cones in finitely generated groups.
31/10 11:30, UAM
Challenger Mishra
Finite Groups as Symmetries of Calabi-Yau manifolds
7/11 11:30, UAM
Jim Howie
One-relator products of locally indicable groups
12/11 11:30, UAM
Diego Lopez The strong Atiyah conjecture for locally indicable groups

Groups in Madrid 2018
28/11 11:30, UAM
Urban Jezernik
Rationality of quotient varieties
Semana 3/12-7/12

No seminar
Semana 10/12-14/12

Encuentro RSME-SMB
19/12 12:00, ICMAT
Diego Millán
Some necessary conditions for decomposition numbers of Specht modules

Semana 7/1

17/1 11;30 UAM
Julio Aroca The conjugacy problem for Thompson-like groups
24/1 11:30 UAM   
Carlos Meniño
Locally discrete virtually free groups of real-analytic circle diffeomorphisms. Construction and classification.
28,20,30,31/1 11:30 UAM
Dominik Gruber
Curso: Small Cancellation Theory
Semana 4/2
14/2, 11:30 UAM
Yash Lodha
Finitely generated simple left orderable groups, commutator width and orderable monsters.
21/2, 11:30, UAM
Marialaura Noce
Engel conditions in some groups of automorphisms of rooted trees
5/3. 11:30, UAM
Jérôme Los
From groups to dynamics or the other direction
7/3, 12:30, UAM
Javier Parcet
Multipliers in $SL_n(\mathbf{R})$

Semana 11/3NO SEMINAR
19/3, 11:30 UAM
Delaram Kahrobaei
Some applications of arithmetic and graph groups in cryptography
Semana 25/3

4/4, 11:30, UAM
Fabian Henneke Variants of the Atiyah conjecture and their relation to K-theory
11/2, 11:30 UAM
Joan Tent
Finite groups with character values in Q_p

25/4, 11:30, UAMLleonard Rubio y Degrassi On the solvability and the simplicity of the first Hochschild cohomology
Semana 29/5
Semana 6/5
Dimitri Piontkovskiĭ Growth and relation in graded rings
17/5, 11:30, UAM
Alvaro Nolla Group actions on dimer models
22/5, 14:30, UAM             
Ruben Blasco
Extending properties from RAAGs to even Artin groups.
31/5Hang Lu Su
Semana 3/6

Semana 10/6

Semana 17/6
Adrien Deloro

Semana 26/6

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