Xingtan Zhang (张兴潭)

Assistant Professor of Finance

Leeds School of Business

University of Colorado Boulder

995 Regent Drive 401B

Boulder, CO 80309

xingtan.zhang AT

Office: 303-492-7541 

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Smart Money and Investor Sentiment [with Brian Waters, Wei Zhou, and Shrihari Santosh]

Speculative Financial Innovations [with H. Henry Cao, Hui Ou-Yang, and Dongyan Ye][Slide]

Arms Sales in Financial Markets [with Vincent Glode]

- We model how the sales of trading advantages (e.g., data and collocation services) affect traders' endogenous participation in a market and vice-versa.- A non-technical summary by Knowledge@Wharton

Disagreement, Skewness, and Asset Prices [with Christian Goulding and Shri Santosh] [Slide]

- A simple theory that offers joint predictions on the pricing implications of disagreement and skewness in a frictionless framework

Collective Decision Through an Informed Designer [with Yunan Li] [Slide]

- Informational inefficiencies in collective decision problems (public good projects, corporate-level investments, etc) can be eliminated with a partially informed designer (government, corporate headquarters, etc).- R&R, Journal of Economic Theory

The Value of Scattered Information [with Christian Goulding] [Slide]

- Scattered structures can increase information production.

The Intermediary Rat Race [with Yu An and Yang Song]

- Dealers can over-compete because the holding dealer imposes a negative externality on non-holding dealers.

A Sharper Ratio [with Kent Smetters] [Slide]

- A theory of using higher moments in performance evaluation- NBER Working Paper No. 19500

Efficient Bargaining Through a Broker

- An imperfectly informed broker can achieve full efficiency in bilateral bargaining with asymmetric information.


Pricing Implications of Noise [with Christian Goulding and Shri Santosh]

Review of Financial Studies, 36, June 2023, 2468-2508[Slide][SSRN]

A Model of Product Line Marketing [with Chuan He and Shaowei Ke

Management Science, 68, August 2022, 6100-6115[Slide][SSRN]

Long-Term Contracting with Time-Inconsistent Agents [with Daniel Gottlieb

Econometrica, 89, March 2021, 793-824[Slide][Online Appendix][Supplementary Appendix][SSRN][Corrigendum]

On the Efficiency of Long Intermediation Chains [with Vincent Glode and Christian Opp]

Journal of Financial Intermediation, 38, April 2019, pp. 11-18 [SSRN]

Voluntary Disclosure in Bilateral Transactions [with Vincent Glode and Christian Opp]

Journal of Economic Theory, 175, May 2018, pp. 652-688 [Slide][SSRN]