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Starting from July 2018, I will be an assistant professor at University of California, Santa Barbara.


  1. Twisted cubics on cubic fourfolds and stability conditions (joint with Li, Pertusi), arXiv: 1802.01134, submitted.
  2. On the group of zero-cycles of holomorphic symplectic varieties (joint with Marian), arXiv: 1711.10045.
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  4. The Torelli Theorem for cubic fourfolds (joint with Bayer, Lahoz, Macri, Stellari) - appendix to Stability conditions on Kuznetsov components by Bayer, Lahoz, Macri, Stellari, arXiv: 1703.10839.
  5. Smoothness and Poisson structures of Bridgeland moduli spaces on Poisson surfaces (joint with Li), arXiv: 1612.02729, to appear in Math. Z.
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  7. Birational models of moduli spaces of coherent sheaves on the projective plane (joint with Li), arXiv: 1603.05035, to appear in Geometry & Topology.
  8. Nef cones of Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces (joint with Bolognese, Huizenga, Lin, Riedl, Schmidt, Woolf), Algebra & Number Theory 10-4 (2016), 907--930, also arXiv: 1509.04722.
  9. Topological Abel-Jacobi mapping and Jacobi inversion, University of Michigan thesis.
  10. The MMP for deformations of Hilbert schemes of points on the projective plane (joint with Li), Algebraic Geometry 5 (3) (2018) 1-35.


  1. Holomorphic height pairing and Poincare bundle. This gives a different construction of Clemens' holomorphic height pairing, more close to Hain's approach to the classic height pairing.