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Riverview Memory Gardens originated in 1963 with a different plan and purpose than most cemeteries.
The difference is that ours is a memory garden.  Riverview Memory Gardens offers a beautiful landscape with an ever-changing pallet of color.  In early spring there appears the blooms of the flowering crab, plum, dogwood and red bud.  Soon after, the ornamental yellow locust burst forth and gradually greens into towering shade trees.  The summer months bring the white of the snowball bushes and the blossoms of the tulip trees.  Fall arrives in splendor with the array of fall leaves and the magnificent red, burning bushes.  Founding families purchased their lots at Riverview Memory Gardens because they wished to be remembered in this magnificent, natural setting.
Another important philosophy of the memory garden is that we are all equal at time of death.  Passing reminds us all that each and every life holds value and should be remembered.  That is why all of our markers are flush with the earth and no one marker towers over another.  The cemetery represents the Northwest Ohio community past and remembers the importance of all its citizens.
The staff at Riverview is committed to maintaining this philosophy of equality and respect.  Please consider these matters strongly  when making decisions about how you wish to memorialize your loved ones at Riverview Memory Gardens.  We ask all our families to help us in honoring the wishes and memories of those entrusted to our care.  Please contact the office regarding any further questions or concerns. 
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