Alfredo J. Perez, Ph. D.

Associate Professor

TSYS School of Computer Science

Columbus State University

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Privacy / Cybersecurity

Mobile Computing / IoT

CS Education

I graduated with a Ph. D. (2011) and a M.Sc. (2009) degrees in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of South Florida under supervision of Prof. Dr. Miguel A. Labrador. My undergraduate studies are in Systems Engineering from Universidad del Norte - Barranquilla (Colombia) in 2006. My undergraduate research mentors at UniNorte were Prof. Carlos Ardila-Hernandez and Prof. Dr. Yezid Donoso-Meisel.

My main research interests are:

          • Privacy / Cybersecurity

          • Mobile/Ubiquitous Computing and Sensing

          • CS Education, in particular teacher education for middle/high school CS

My secondary research interests are:

          • Machine Learning and its applications to Human-centric systems, privacy and cybersecurity

          • Multiobjective Optimization and its application to Computer Networks and Scheduling

My latest publications (2020 - 2019)

          1. Alfredo J. Perez, Sherali Zeadally , Scott Griffith, Luis Y. Matos Garcia, Jaouad Mouloud, "A User Study of a Wearable System to Enhance Bystanders’ Facial Privacy ", MDPI IoT, (accepted, in Press), 2020.

          2. Gabriel Bello, Alfredo J. Perez. On the Application of Financial Security Standards in Blockchain Platforms. In: Choo KK., Dehghantanha A., Parizi R. (eds) Blockchain Cybersecurity, Trust and Privacy. Advances in Information Security, vol 79. Springer, 2020.

          3. Yesem Kurt-Peker, Xavier Rodriguez, James Ericsson, Sukjin Lee, Alfredo J. Perez. "A Cost Analysis of Internet of Things Sensor Data Storage on Blockchain via Smart Contracts". Electronics, Vol. 9, No. 2, 244, 2020.

          4. Brandon Corn, Alfredo J. Perez, Ashley Ruiz, Cagri Cetin and Jay Ligatti, "An Evaluation of the Power Consumption of Coauthentication as a Continuous User Authentication Method in Mobile Systems", Proceedings of 2020 ACM Southeast Conference (ACMSE'20), Tampa, FL, USA, 2020.

          5. Alfredo J. Perez, and Sherali Zeadally , "A Communication Architecture for Crowd Management in Emergency and Disruptive Scenarios", IEEE Communications, vol. 57 No. 4, pp. 54-60, 2019.

          6. Vabrice T. Wilder, Yujing Gao, Shuangbao Wang, Alfredo J. Perez, "Multi-Factor Stateful Authentication using NFC and Mobile Phones ", Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE SoutheastCon, Huntsville, AL, USA, 2019.

          7. Gabriel Bello, Alfredo J. Perez "Adapting Financial Technology Standards to Blockchain Platforms", Proceedings of the 2019 Annual ACM Southeast Conference (ACMSE'19), Kennesaw, GA, USA, 2019.

          8. Alfredo J. Perez, Hillary Fleenor, "What does it take to Teach K12 Computer Science?: Exploring Teachers' Attitudes Towards Teaching CS K12 in Georgia", Proceedings of the 2019 ACMSIGCSE Conference, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 2019.

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