Project Overview

A news reporter, Mike Gething, originally heard the story of the Wartime Wanderers from Nat Lofthouse when carrying out a newspaper interview.

Tim Purcell heard the story of the from Mike, a lifelong Bolton Wanderers fan. It had everything, football, war, romance, comedy, tragedy, loyalty and the amazing bravery of ordinary men thrown into an extraordinary situation.


Mainstream Publishing commissioned Mike and Tim to write the book.


Together with Jack Seddon Tim wrote the screenplay. Jack's writing credits include numerous television scripts for 'The Liver Birds', 'What a Carry On', 'Arthur of the Britons' and 'Oil Strike North'. His film scripts include:

The Blue Max

The Alphabet Murders

Murder Most Foul

Murder She Said


    Nat Lofthouse interview when Wartime team mentioned:  1993        
    Interviews with original players  1994
    Book written  1995
    Book Published  1996
    Film script version 1  1996
    Film script version 2 & 3
    Filmed interviews with families and cast  2012
    Hollywood consultant reviews and edits script  2013
    Film script version 4  2014    
   Documentary outline
   3-part Documentary structured 2015
  Documentary 5 x interviews filmed (6 hours total) 
   Documentary scripted - part 1 2016
  Documentary rough edit 
   Documentary re-enactment scenes part cast    
   TV Script Adaptation
   Full Funding Discussions 2017