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Welcome to the official site of WUDWORX library of SketchUp plugins and tools for working wood. 

Proudly presenting the WWX Dovetails plugin for Sketchup

You can find free SketchUp models for your projects on the SketchUp Models page, and also Woodworking plugins and tools on the Plugins and Tools page. We also host Sketchup techniques tutorials on the Tutorials page

Automation, Simplicity, Streamlined work and Reduced Design process Turnaround.

WUDWORX plugins and tools focus on helping you get your finished model faster without sacrificing joinery and other design elements. The plugins are designed to be simple to use, intuitive, capable, and efficient.

What Some of Wudworx Users have to say:

Received it; installed it; have been using it; and LOVE it.  GREAT plugin! (M.H.)

That's what I call service!

Great, thank you! (M.M.)

'This is terrific' (E.N.D.)

'Worth every dollar. Love the upgrade' (E.S.)

'you have made my designing life easy again' (R)

'Excellent Customer Service' 

'I appreciate your prompt response, and thanks for the great plugins' (M.Z.)

'Love the Dovetails plugin' (J)

'Thank you very much for your help and support. Realy appreciated.' (G.L.)

'Nice little plug-in. Great work.' (T.J.W.)

'thank you very much for your fast replies.' (C.K.)

'Great.  I love the dovetail and m&t tools.  Thanks.' (A.M.)

'Thanks for a wonderful time saving tool.' (A.W.)

'Thanks for the plug in and will use it a lot.' (L.G.)

'Thank you very much for this plugin.
I used it and it is really working so easy.' (N. VDB.)

'sono veramente compiaciuto per la Sua squisita gentilezza e rapidit nel rispondermi e, non mi resta che ringraziarLa di vero cuore.' (G.C.)

Recent Announcements

  • SketchUp 2017 Compatible Wudworx Plugins are compatible with SketchUp 2017.Installation process has changed slightly since SketchUp 2016. To Install the plugins in SU2017 do the following:1. From the Window menu click ...
    Posted Nov 23, 2016, 9:59 AM by Sharon Lev
  • SketchUp 2014 Verified With the introduction of SketchUp 2014 and it's internal changes/enhancements it was noted that some plugins were behaving unexpectedly. All of current Wodwurx Plugins for SketchUp were tested ...
    Posted Mar 1, 2014, 7:05 AM by Sharon Lev
  • New Install plugin procesure If you already have the plugin installed, this may not add any new functionality for you, but if you haven't installed the Wudworx Plugin yet, or plan on re ...
    Posted Mar 1, 2013, 8:27 AM by Sharon Lev
  • Wudworx Plugins version 2.0 is here! The plugins library is updated and now includes an updated BoardMaker Pro which packs a few new features, and a brand new plugin - Wudworx Drill for drilling holes and hole ...
    Posted Dec 29, 2012, 6:22 PM by Sharon Lev
  • WWX M&T Plugin for Sketchup Now Available! Plugin #2 is added for doing Mortise and Tenon joinery.Dovetail plugin was redone to be compatible with the new plugin infrastructure and will need to be upgraded is you ...
    Posted Jun 22, 2010, 7:08 PM by Sharon Lev
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