Welcome to the WPI WbWrkGUI site. This site was made as part our Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) for you to use. The WbWrkGUI we created makes it easier for you to create your own problems to be assigned in the open source online homework system, WeBWorK. This site will teach you how to

·         Download and Open the WbWrkGUI

·         Select which problem type to create

·         Create a Multiple Choice Problem

·         Create an Open Response Problem

·         Create an Open Response Problem with WeBWorK's version of LaTeX 

·         Create a Matching Problem

·         Upload the file(s) created into WeBWorK and create a homework set

·         Re-edit Problems 

Using the convenient navigation sidebar on the left side of this site, you can select the pages to the different tasks you may need to use the WbWrkGUI.

We also have videos of the sections of the tutorial above in the VIDEO TUTORIAL section of this site.

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