09:00-09:30  Welcome
 9:30-10:30  Keynote Address (Session Chair: Stefan Wagner)
Motoei Azuma. The Impact of ICT Evolution and Application Explosion on Software Quality
 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
 11:00-12:30  Session 1: Quality Models and Process Improvement (Session Chair: Stefan Wagner)
K. Lochmann, A. Goeb. A Unifying Model for Software Quality [PDF]
M. Lavallee, P. Robillard. Do Software Process Improvements Lead to ISO 9126 Architectural Quality Factor Improvement? [PDF]
A. Goeb, K. Lochmann. A Software Quality Model for SOA [PDF]
 14:00-15:30Session 2: Quality and Metrics (Session Chair: Klaus Lochmann)
A. Tosun Misirli, B. Murphy, T. Zimmermann, A. Bener. An Explanatory Analysis on Eclipse Beta-Release Bugs Through In-Process Metrics [PDF]
M. Yamamuro, Y. Tanitsu, T. Komiyama, M. Azuma. Introduction of Japan's Investigation Activities on Systems and Software Product Quality Metrics [PDF]
S. Wagner. The Use of Application Scanners in Software Product Quality Assessment [PDF]
 15:30-16:00Coffee Break
 16:00-17:30Session 3: Data Quality and Discussion (Session Chair: Stefan Wagner)
H. Sneed, R. Majnar. A Process for Assessing Data Quality [PDF]
Group or plenary discussion