Veterans Day 2022

Flowers are still blooming in November! Charlotte's Mom and JilMac have been adding flowers all summer, as well as have added many new engraved cobblestones!

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!

Charlotte's Mom: Therese Marcy and JilMac maintain the Annuals & Perennial plants at the park.

July 19th

After the John F. Brosnahan Square Bronze plaque was discovered by Steve Barrett Director of Public works, it was re-installed at the World War I park.

Blue Pots were set below the plaque. This became to much of a temptation for those who want to deface the American Flag - and the flags were burned around the 4th of July for a few years. The blue clay pots were replaced with large planters that could be kept in the park year round. In 2020 the burning flags fell onto the pot and burned that too.

In 2020 a large in-ground garden was planted. Each year additional perennials are planted. This picture is of the light pink Anna's Chrysanthemums in September 2021.

The tree is a Fringe Tree

Chionanthes Virginicus

It blooms in late spring

stunning for Spring 2019.

Under it's branches

Charlotte Marcy's


from her final tour


The Fringe Tree is surrounded by

Muscari was planted by Charlotte and the "Garden Bratts" in 2013

Grape Hyacinth

in early spring

before the

Fringe Tree


Hot Pink Peonies

More fragrant than

a Rose

Grace the WWI Park

in Early June 2013

they were a donation from the Guilford Peonie Lady: Mary Filgate of Floral Gates Nursery

Daisys surround the Granite Block

at theWWI Park

What we started with in 2009

The wall had just been re-built, the two stone benches and granite block in place.

And John Brosnahan bronze plaque found and mounted.

Steve Barrette Director of Public Works asked the Brattleboro Garden Club if we could do some plantings.

This arial photo shows:

The Red dot - where John Brosnahan Plaque is located

The 2 Blue dots - show where Charlotte Marcy's cobblestones are

Cobblestones along the back wall, around the Fringe Tree and around the Lamp Post are available for purchase.

Abbiati Monuments sandblasts our Cobblestones http://abbiatimonuments.com/vt-cobble-project

Cobblestone Project: http://VermontCobble.com