Park News

Brattleboro Historical Society's Facebook Post of 10/5/2021

The corner of Church and Green Streets. In 1935, as part of its Armistice Day Remembrance, the American Legion dedicated the space to the memory of Private John Brosnahan, who was killed in action during World War I. A bronze marker was unveiled at the ceremony.

The Brattleboro High School Band left the school building and marched down Main Street at 1 o'clock. American Legion members joined them as they passed the Armory. The column moved down Main Street, then out Elliot Street, then up the hill on Church Street to what became known as Brosnahan Square.

Approximately 300 people attended the ceremony at the Square. Later that evening over 200 couples attended a Legion dance in the Community Hall portion of the Armory. Andy Canedy and his orchestra provided the music.

In 2008 Steve Barrett and the Public Works Department spearheaded an effort to bring back the Square. Stonemason Peter Welch helped design the space and the Brattleboro Garden Club has been maintaining the plantings since 2009.

2021 Flags in our WorldWar I Park !

The American Legion and Charlotte's Mom donate new flags each year.

Flags have been taken from the WWI Park since we began putting them up.


2 days before the 4th of July 2019, the flags on the trellis were burned which caused the Trellis to be burned.

The flames and smoke of the burning plastic trellis caused the neighbors to call the Police and they came to investigate.

JilMac, Brattleboro Garden Club Chair for the park - removed the Burned Trellis, and cleaned up to chared remains out of the plants.

Fall of 2019 the blue pots were removed for the winter, and large stones used as planters instead.

Spring of 2020: Charlotte's parents and JilMac scraped the chared paint from the John Brosnahan bronze marker pole, and repainted it black.

Charlotte's Mom and JilMac planted annuals around the granite block and water several times per week. Neighbors also water.


Fall 2018 - Garbage and recyceling containers were placed in Park. They are collected weekly by Brattleboro's Garbage & Recyceling contractor.

Summer 2018 - Sargent Marcy's memorial stone was placed in front of large granite block.